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Fkk stands for frei körper kulter (free body culture) it comes from the German nudist movement. At a genuine Fkk club the girls should be fully naked, usually just wearing high heels. A Saunaclub is basically the same, but on the whole the girls will wear knickers or other lingerie, though usually always topless, many clubs may call themselves a Fkk club, but are really classed as a Saunaclub. Bernds club in Hennef nearby Bonn is known by many as the mother of all Fkk clubs, as this was the first club. These clubs should not be confused with nudist spa and wellness spas and resorts, that are there for health and recreation.

A Fkk/Saunaclub is typically a large house or large buildings, which often has a swimming pool and sauna, a large lounge/bar room with buffet on the ground floor, TV/video screens, and bedrooms on the upper floor(s). Women are typically nude or topless, men may wear robes or towels. Men and women often pay the same entrance fee, including use of all facilities, food and drinks (soft drinks and beer, Some clubs will admit couples. Among the largest clubs of this type are: Artemis in Berlin, opened in the autumn of 2005, the new Harem in Bad Lippspringe and the long established FKK World near Giessen and FKK Oase in the countryside near Bad Homburg.



Arriving at the Club

When you arrive at the reception, you are usually greeted by a friendly receptionist (thekenfrau) you hand over the entrance fee, she will provide you with a locker key, a robe, and normally a pair of rubber flip flops, and a towel, though at some clubs you are able to pick out your own footwear and towel once in the changing room, she may ask if it's your first time there, if so she will let you know how the club runs, and the price you pay the girls. You head into the changing room where you get naked, put your clothes in the locker, and go and have a shower, once dried on with the robe or you can wear a towel, if you prefer, but don't wear your underwear, that's a faux pas at these clubs.

Interacting with the Ladies

As a punter you will interact with the girls in the club, mostly in the lounge area, but also in the rest of the club, obviously these ladies will be keen to hook customers, so they will use their feminine whiles to tempt you, you do not have to go with the first lady you talk to, take your time, you can chat to the girls naturally, some will be happy to converse and pretend to be interested in you, others will come straight to the point, especially if you both have limited language, she will ask to go to a room, up to you, you are in your rights to tell her maybe later, don't let them guilt trip you into taking them, as it's all a act, when you're ready to session, you can either call your target lady over to you, or go and find her, it's normal to sit down in the lounge for a chat and interview first, but not always, so you can detect the girls vibe, and suss out if you want to session with her, at this point there is no obligation to take her to a room, if the girls game she may kiss and cuddle with you on the sofa, or this may happen in the porno kino, next step she might ask to give you a BJ, at this point if you do allow her then you are obliged to session with her in a room, or just do it in the kino, or in some clubs in the lounge. Once in the room the clock is ticking, try to wear a watch, as it helps to judge and manage your session, and be aware some ladies will try and cut your time short, and if you are a few minutes over the half hour some might want the full hour.

Ladies Nationality

These days a large majority of working girls in the clubs come from Romania, to be honest if it wasn't for the Romanian contingent, many clubs would of shut down. Depending on the club you can find women from many parts of the world, a large Eastern Euro group, including Hungarians, Czech, Poles, as well as from the Balkans including Bulgaria and Former Yugoslavia, you also find a number of German ladies, many of the girls who say they're Italian or Spanish are Romanian, but you do find some genuine Spanish and Latinas from South America, Africans and Asian girls to a smaller extent, and as Germany is multicultural now, you do find mixed race and half German-other ladies too.

Prices & Paying the Girls

At a Fkk/Saunaclub the prices for services are formalised and mostly universal around the country. €50 for half hour and €100 for a hour is normal, though in the Nordrhein-Westfalen region the hourly rate is usually €75. And at Artemis in Berlin the rates are €60 and €120 for the half and hour. Full sex and oral is expected, usually including OWO (französisch ohne) and kissing. Extras that are allowed is anal sex, CIM/CIF and with some girls they also want extra for COB. anal depending on the club is usually €50-€100, CIM from €25-€50, two girl lesbian interaction is charged usually at €50 per girl. Some sharky girls will try and upsell customers in the room for extras, especially if they think you're a clueless tourist, Fkk Palace in Frankfurt is well known for this, with many girls there wanting €100 for 30 mins, and giving a quick basic service for €50, never let a girl charge kissing as a extra, either she provides it in the normal service or not, and don't be afraid to walk out the bedroom, at the start of a session, if the girl straight away wants to upsell and you don't like her attitude, if you haven't sampled the merchandise no need to pay.

As a rule you always pay the lady after the session, never before or during it, so no need to carry your cash on you, you might lose it, leave it either in the locker in the changing room, or in many of the clubs they have small valuable lockers by reception that you can leave cash in, after the session the girl follows you to your locker, you pay her, and no need to pay a tip, this isn't the USA.

Wellness Area

Depending on the size of the club, there will most likely be a swimming pool(s), jacuzzi, saunas, steam rooms, massage area, and sometimes large gardens, which are ideal in the summer. Girls might try and find customers in the wellness area, but normally sex there especially in the sauna and pools is forbidden.

Catering & Drinks

As you can stay in the clubs all day, there will be some sort of food, usually a breakfast buffet from early afternoon, and a selection of main meals at around 6pm, clubs do differ on quality of food, obviously they aren't michelin starred, but good enough, as we're there for the ladies primarily. At all clubs soft drinks and coffee is free, some of the clubs provide free beer too, but others like Artemis & Palace charge for alcohol, you may even buy expensive bottles of spirits and champagne in the clubs, up to you, you might think you're big pimping, but the girls will still go to a room with you with or without buying a €500 bottle of Cristal.

List of Clubs by Region

Berlin & Eastern Germany

FKK-Club La Folie Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 63, D-10627 Berlin

Fkk Artemis Halenseestrasse 32-36, D-10711 Berlin

FKK & Saunaclub Europa Essener Str. 27a, 04129 Leipzig

Saunaclub Cleopatra Ullsteinstraße 172-174, D-12105 Berlin

FKK Leipzig Torgauer Strasse 246, D-04347 Leipzig

Saunawelt Römer Kolbestrasse 2-4, 01445 Radebeul (Dresden)


Saunaclub Royal Treffurter Weg 8, D-99974 Mühlhausen

FKK Traumland Steinstraße 6, D-99885 Ohrdruf

FKK Paradies Am Stollberg 49, D-99085 Erfurt


FKK Stuttgart Marienstrasse 38b, D-70178 Stuttgart

Fkk Venus Flugplatzstrasse 13, D-88046 Friedrichshafen

Fkk Sakura Wolf-Hirth-Strasse 38, D-71034 Böblingen

FKK Safari Stuttgart Schaflandstrasse 11-1, D-70736 Fellbach

Fkk Point Industriestrasse 22, D-76646 Bruchsal

FKK Pirates Park Industriestrasse 8a, D-76646 Bruchsal

Fkk Paradise Stuttgart Dieselstrasse 25, D-70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Fkk Panorama Schwenninger Straße 14, D-78052 Villingen-Schwenningen

Fkk Palast Tullastrasse 79, D-79108 Freiburg

Fkk Morgenland Steinbeisstrasse 22, D-89079 Ulm

Fkk Monte Carlo Am Badweg 1, D-76532 Baden-Baden


Fkk Palace Königsberger Straße 23, D-60487 Frankfurt-Hausen

Fkk World Grüninger Weg 35, D-35415 Pohlheim-Garbenteich

Fkk Sharks Otto-Röhm-Strasse 72, D-64293 Darmstadt

Fkk Rom Im Industriegebiet 9, D-64839 Altheim

Saunaclub Papillon Forstfeldstrasse 8, D-34123 Kassel

Fkk Oase Ober-Erlenbacherstrasse 109, D-61381 Burgholzhausen

FKK Mainhattan Schielestrasse 45, D-60314 Frankfurt

FKK Night & Day Die Ammenwiese 13, D-68642 Bürstadt

Fkk Darling Siemensstrasse 36, D-61130 Nidderau

Das 5. Element Am Kreuzacker 2, D-36124 Eichenzel

FKK Atlanta Oderstrasse 10, D-63452 Hanau

NordRhein Westfalen

Bernds Sauna Club Schieferhof 28, 53773 Hennef-Lichtenberg

Fkk Samya Kirschbaumweg 26a, 50996 Köln-Rodenkirchen

Sudbad Mathias Bruggen Strasse 12, 50827 Koln(Bickendorf)

Pascha Club 11 Hornstr. 2, 50823 Köln

Parksauna Residenz Schlehecker Strasse 45, D-53797 Lohmar-Durbusch

Dolce Vita Kappelerstrasse 154, D-40599 Düsseldorf

Saunaclub Magnum H. Hertzstrasse 24, 40699 Erkrath

Parksauna Wildenrath Heinsberger Strasse 35, 41844 Wildenrath/Wegberg

Golden Time, Brüggen Heidweg 1, 41379 Bruggen

Fkk Cocoon Mollenkotten 243, 42279 Wuppertal

Fkk Heavensgate, Dorsten Swebenring 36, 46286 Dorsten

Planet Happy Garden Butzenstrasse 41, 47918 Tonisvort

FKK Club Babylon, Elsdorf Oststrasse 12, 50189 Elsdorf

FkK-Burg, Bonn Im Burgacker 45, 53123 Bonn-Duisdorf

Haus 408, Gütersloh Verler Straße 408, 33334 Gütersloh

Park Schloss Dali, Bredeler Madfelder Strasse 2, 34431 Marsberg

Blue Note, Düsseldorf Rather Broich 9, 40472 Düsseldorf

FKK-Club Aplerbeck Aplerbecker Bahnhofstrasse 5, 44287 Dortmund/Aplerbeck

FKK Great-Palace Westring 233A, 44579 Castrop-Rauxel http://www.great-palace. com

FKK Goldengate An der Hansalinie 18G, D-48163 Münster

FKK-Club Arabella Lohrheidestrasse 63, 44866 Bochum-Wattenscheid

Fkk Club Paradiso Freudenbergstrasse 39, 44809 Bochum-Hamme

FKK Club Babylon Oststrasse 12, 50189 Elsdorf

Saunaclub SKY Deutscher Ring 40, D-42327 Wuppertal

Saunaclub Living Room August-Thyssen-Strasse 4, D-41564 Kaarst

FKK Planet Eden Am Roßpfad 15-17, D-52399 Merzenich

FKK PenelopeHundebrinkstrasse 8, D-45326 Essen

FKK Oceans Oberhausener Straße 17, D-40472 Düsseldorf

FKK Majestic Im Burgacker 45, D-53123 Bonn

FKK Heaven 7 Siemensring 7, D-47877 Willich


FKK Tantra Gienanthstrasse 15, D-67663 Kaiserslautern

FKK Finca Erotica Poststrasse 20, D-56269 Dierdorf

Hamburg & Bremen Schleswig-Holstein

FKK-Bergedorf Brookkehre 3, 21029 Bergedorf

Club Atmos Gross Mooring 1, 21079 Hamburg

FKK 125, Hamburg-Poppenbuttel Saseler Chaussee 125, 22393 Hamburg

FKK 5a Fritz-Thiele-Strasse 5a, D-28279 Bremen

FKK P-Club Europastrasse 3, D-24977 Handewitt

Lower Saxony

FKK Villa Am Tonnesberg 1, 30453 Hannover

FKK-Zeus, Osnabrück Otto Lillienstrasse 3, 49134 Wallenhorst

FKK Rio Robert-Bosch-Strasse 21, D-37154 Northeim

FKK Harmony Ramelsloher Allee 120, D-21220 Seevetal


FKK Sudfaß OaseS Peter-Anders-Strasse 4, München-Pasing 81245

Fkk Colosseum Gubener Straße 13, 86156 Augsburg

Fkk Sylt Lichtenfelser Strasse 2, 98427 Nürnberg


Saunaclub Paradise Matzenberg 141, D-66115 Saarbrücken

Saunaclub A6 Kaiserslauterer Str. 307, D-66424 Homburg-Bruchhof

FKK Prestige Betzenhölle 20, D-66538 Neunkirchen

FKK 214 Luisenthaler Strasse 214, D-66126 Saarbrücken


Fkk Artemis

Finca Erotica



Fkk Sharks

Fkk Oase

Fkk Palace

Fkk Mainhattan

Fkk Paradies

Planet Eden Saunaclub

Fkk Oceans

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