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The consensus on UKPunting is that all London agencies are prone to using airbrushed pictures, lying about ages, and faking positives & excluding negative reviews. And they take perhaps 30% to 50% of the fee. Nonetheless many punters have a good experience and they do have their place. Comments below are versus this norm, i.e. where no mention you should still be cautious of fake pics etc.

To help you find the best agencies, we have split the list into those with recent reviews and those others. This does not mean those on the first list are better - they just have more UKP reviews. Also, we note web rank so you can understand traffic to a site.

Web Rank (SimilarWeb): This is the score for '"Country Rank"'. This is a measure of web traffic - might help to judge the popular agencies. Lower is more popular, but does not mean a better agency. Read UKP reviews carefully to decide.

List of London Agencies with Recent UKP Reviews

The agencies below have had a positive review (or more) on UKP since September 2019.

Agency Name Website Comments From WebRank*
Admiral Escorts Receptionists prone to a rushing attitude. They display negative reviews. RevDec15 RevJune16 Jan 17 £150 11.6K
Agency Barracuda honest and helpful receptionists, website displaying negatives, they display/link UKP reviews, helpful maps Rev comment £150 61K
Agency Allure On the expensive side but not piss-taking. Exclusive girls. Generally the girls deliver the goods 43K
Asian Selection Rev £150 81K
Babylon Girls helpful receptionists 22K
Bijoux Escorts 111K
Charlotte Escorts Cheap as chips.Not many UKP reviews £79 999K
Dior Escorts helpful receptionists £150 194K
Diva Escorts Reported to encourage UKP reviews, The most popular agency on UKP since summer 2019 £150 19K
Hamiltons of London On the expensive side Exclusive girls. Generally the girls deliver the goods Rev Rev Rev RevJan17 £200 95K
Hot-collection they don't display negative reviews, up to date website. Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev Rev RevNov16 Mar 17 £150 50K
Invasion Escorts Thai / Asian specialists Rev Nov16 £150 86K
Judy's Mature Escorts Escorts in 50s, 60s, and 70s £180 999K
Max's Angels On the expensive side Exclusive girls. Generally the girls deliver. Rev Rev Rev June 17 54K
Olina Oriental specialist; the most popular Asian agency on UKP since summer 2019 100K
Peachy Escorts Owned by a couple. The lady receptionist (Miss Peachy) knows the girls well and she is helpful. Her husband is friendly but less knowledgeable , dishonest ages Rev 82K
Top Secret Escorts half-arsed EE receptionist acting like making you a favour £150 54K
UK Sugarbabes Long established agency. Porn stars available. Several good reviews.Added honest selfies to most pages.Admit to photoshop the pictures. Rev 63K

See also House of Divine which runs 3 brothels in London. These are close to an incall agency, since there are no walk-ins or line up, and you book a named girl on the phone.

List of London Incall Agencies with no Recent UKP Reviews

Agency Name Website Comments From WebRank*
001 London escorts 208K
London Babes Escorts All pictures are updated regularly, pretty ladies and very friendly. Outcalls Only £110.00 308K
007 Escorts Rev1 Rev2 Rev3 June16 £160 49K
00-44 London GFE escorts shit website , honest and helpful receptionists, exclusive girls,no photoshop, honest advertising, good rates Rev1 May 17 £160 999K
00escorts 671K
24 Hour London Escorts polite receptionist, updated website with useful information, recently updated pics. Good quality girls 70K
90 Minute They will book for 60 min. £150 999K
Abbigails Boutique 999K
Abby69escort polite receptionist, outdated website with some displayed girls not available as they either retired or are on holidays. Also not the latest pictures are displayed 70K
Abella Escorts up to date website, generally OK 162K
Abie’s Escorts 999K
Academy of Escorts outdated website with some displayed girls not available as they either retired or are on holidays. Also not the latest pictures are displayed 999K
Agency AvisBabes 999K
Agency Procovateur 343K
Agency Serendipity Now linked to Aphdodite 999K
Agency Touch of Class London 999K
Always Escorts 251K
Angels British Club 689K
Angels of London Nov16 £200 66K
Anna’s Angels Mentions escorts with bad attitude. 50K
Aphrodite escorts new name for Serendipity £150 239K
Asian Playboy Escorts Not just Asians £150 999K
Asian Playgirl many TS £150 208K
Aurora Escorts helpful maps, useless and rude receptionist, outdated website, no services discussed. 76K
Aurum Escorts £150 223K
Babes of London They highlight profiles with selfies. 27K
Baccarat London escort 954K
Belgravia Orchids 899K
Blacklabel London 102K
Blue Monday arrogant pimp 256K
Bond&Mayfair helpful maps 489K
Butterfly Touch mention £150 65K
Carmen Secrets 513K
Central London Escorts many girls can be found on Adultwork as independents for less 999K
City Butterflies £200 999K
Courtisane £600 223K
Cover Girl Escorts £150 999K
Dating London escorts affiliated with Loyalty escorts £150 115K
DeJaVu Escort £150 999K
Diamond London Escorts £150 691K
Divine Escorts Higher prices than other agencies for the same girls £150 738K
Dolls and Roses piss-taking prices £600 439K
Electric Avenue Escorts £150 307K
Elite City Escorts piss-taking prices £600 174K
Escort Emporium £150 275K
Escort Models £150 999K
Escorts of Mayfair £150 999K
Eternity Girls They sometimes display negative reviews but most of the time they do not £150 150K
Fantasy Agency Useful incognito section where selfies of the girls are available 813K
Harmony Escorts 748K
Haute Girls London 419K
Imperial Top Models Helpful and polite receptionist, helpful full postcodes, website is dishonest about ages, stats and nationalities (not always though) 93K
Infinity Escorts Tried to spam this site. New web site £150 - £600 888K
Kensington Babes sometimes overpriced compared to other agencies about the same girls 295K
Lilyfields 249K
London escort 69 91K
London Leading Ladies 270K
London Submissive Girls Discussion 237K
London69escorts 231K
Loyalty Escorts very helpful and honest British receptionist 312K
Mature Kensington Escorts Like a Brothel, 1 or 2 escorts per day. Thread £150 101K
Mayfair girls piss-taking prices £200 163K
Mermaids of London 209K
Palace VIP outdated website. 237K
Perfect London Escorts affiliated with Loyalty escorts. 78K
Photogirls 106K
Premier Models honest receptionist, helpful maps £150 144K
Quartz Rose piss-taking prices £600 960K
Rosebud London Escorts 202K
Satisfaction London 582K
Sexy London girls 245K
Supreme Angels 999K
Viva Escorts some of the girls are on Adultwork as independents £150 262K
Xstacy 999K
XCort Files 999K
Your escort agency helpful and honest receptionist, dishonest ages 100K

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