Questions not to ask on UK Punting

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This document contains the opinions of one or more Punting Wiki editors. This is not Punting Wiki nor UK Punting Policy. This is humour (though there may be truths in here too).

Questions not to ask on UK Punting

Her profile is down, can anyone send me her number?

If her profile is down, it means she is not taking bookings. In any case, she is not sharing her number with new people. If a punter does has her number, there is no reason for him to share it with you anyway. This board is to share information about punting, not to become pimps.

Does anyone know where Wallina is?

If her profile is down, she is away. They often come back. Sometimes they don't. Either way, plenty of fish.

I have a small dick will an escort still see me?

Most members will see this as a trolling attempt. Even if it is a genuine question, it has been discussed at great length (pun intended). An escort will pretty much see anyone if they meet their criteria (some escorts have age, race\ethnicity and feedback requirements).

Vague requests for escort recommendations

Posting on a regional board a request such as: Got any recommendations for fit girls? These questions are too vague to answer. It is better to list the age range you are looking for, the city or town you want to visit, the look you want, services that are essential and of course price. Vague questions are unhelpful as everybody has different preferences.

A better question would be: Does anyone know a reliable escort in Middlesbrough aged around 20-35, but older is OK. I like slim blondes with large breasts. OWO is essential. Looking to spend £100 an hour.

See also New to Punting

Who is Hayley?

This is also 'who is Woofie', or 'Platinum Cindy', 'Michelle Independent' or any escort referred to in a casual way. Particularly in your first week. Particularly if you state you have read the wiki. Just put the name into the search box.

If nothing comes up, then ask.

Escorts requesting escort specific information

Such as:

  • How to improve an Adultwork profile.
  • Reporting punters to uglymugs or SAAFE
  • Photographer recommendations
  • I'm not a feminist, but this website is disgusting
  • Recommendations for a working flat

All these requests are better suited to UKEscorting.

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