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What is a Reverse Booking

Although quite a lot of punters will never book a prostitute via Adultwork if she has a telephone number displayed, some punters prefer to use the booking system. Using the booking system is simple, once a punter has registered with Adultwork, he will look at the profiles of service providers and then contact those he is interested in to arrange a meeting.

Because Adultwork can be a bit of a hit and miss affair, some punters use the site's Reverse Booking facility.

When you set up a reverse booking, as a client you can specify details of the type of prostitute you are interested in and what type of session you would like to have. Service providers (i.e. prostitutes) will review the huge list of reverse bookings and place bids if they would like to undertake the booking or session with a client based on his requirements.

The rationale from AdultWork is that the fact that you have decided to spend some money in advance means that you are serious about meeting someone and not a timewaster. AW also states that if business is slow for service providers there will be a number of them bidding for your business and probably reducing their prices to win the bid.


First log in to Adultwork (or register your details if you haven't got a profile). Also before you set up a reverse booking you must make sure that you have enough credits in your account, if not you must purchase some. At the time of writing a reverse booking costs 2 credits (i.e. £2).

Once logged in select create a reverse booking following the menu links Emails & Bookings => Reverse Bookings => Escort Bookings => Create a Reverse Booking, a booking form will pop up where you enter the information needed to set up your reverse booking; for example:

Meet Date:
Meet Time:
Booking Duration:
Prepared to pay:
Looking for a: female/male/couple
Aged between: 18 and 99
Location: incall/outcall
Town / Area:
Post Code: first part only, e.g. MA60

Once you complete the form, your requirements will be published on AdultWork Reverse Bookings and can be reviewed by service providers. If they choose to do so here is where they will bid for your RB. The prostitutes may match the price you specified or may offer a lower price for a better chance to win the bid. In odd occasions and for some stupid reason there will be some prostitutes who will offer a higher price.

You will be notified via email when someone places a bid on your reverse booking you can then can accept a bid and convert it into a normal booking request.

A very important thing to remember is that if you like more than one bid, do not select any of them as accepted, as the Reverse Booking will be closed and you will not be able to contact the other bidders. Instead contact them via AW email outside the Reverse Booking system, that way you can arrange a meeting with the reverse booking bidders.

Success Rates

Opinions vary as to how successful Reverse Bookings are. The worst case scenario is wasting £2; the best case is seeing a great escort at a massively reduced rate.


As everything else in life and particularly in the punting world there will always be drawbacks and pitfalls to be aware of. These are a few:

  • PG Scammers: A fake service provider will make a bid because he/she will assume that you have plenty of credits and therefore you will be willing to spend them on viewing paid content like her private gallery. Before you do that make sure you check the bidder’s profile number in UKPunting by doing a search or by starting a thread and asking other punters for information on the bidders.
  • Premium Number scammers: A fake service provider will make a bid and ask you to contact his/her website for more details. Usually quoting a premium phone number to call. One of the busiest scammers at the moment is the scammer running BelleLondonEscorts. See thread on UKP.
  • Chancers: Service providers who have little interest in reading your detailed request will bid just in case you fall for it. These can be escorts working in an area miles away from your requested town\city or escort(s) that don't fit your preference.
  • Multiple bidders: There will be either prostitutes or pimps controlling more than one profile making multiple bids. Read bids very carefully, you may notice similar writing pattern that will give their game away; or girls that belong to the same provider group.
  • You are open to Spam AW Mail. Normally, escorts on AW cannot mail you. But while your RB is open, they can.

Dos and Don'ts

  • Do give yourself plenty of time for you RB, if you want to meet someone tomorrow or the day after that you won’t get many bids as it's short notice.
  • Another trick is to state on your RB that you would like the meeting to take place between certain dates, that will give you plenty of time to review bids.
  • Be polite and write your RB clearly.
  • Don’t write a Mills & Boon or porn fantasy, state clearly and precisely what you want.
  • Do name and shame the profile(s) of the non-genuine prostitutes or scammers who are bidding on your RB.
  • If you do like a prostitute that is bidding on your RB, do search UKP or ask other punters about her just to make sure she is legit and provides a good service.

Known Reverse Booking Scammers

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