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(List of Party organisers)
(List of Party organisers)
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|      [http://theprivateclub.com/ The Private Club]    ||    Aston      ||  £45 - £75  4 hours  ||  High ratio |  ID required                   
|      [http://theprivateclub.com/ The Private Club]    ||    Aston      ||  £45 - £75  4 hours  ||  High ratio |  ID required                   
|      [http://r3troclub.co.uk/ The Retro Club]  ||    Walsall      ||    £40 (+annual membership £20)                ||  Monday parties 12 to 6 with 2 girls taking it in turns, also Tue Wed and Friday events [https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=85766.0 Rev1] [https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=124771.0 Rev2] [https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=124771.0 rev3]. Requires ID to enter.                            
|      [https://www.fantasyden.co.uk/ The Fantasy den]  ||    Walsall      ||    £40 (+6mo membership £30)                ||  New club. Has daily Events posted. They say: Bukkake Parties, Gangbang Parties, Greedy Girls Parties, Fetish Parties and more ! 07977317205  May be managers from Retro.                          
|    [https://www.swingandsin.co.uk/ Swingers & Sinners]        ||    Sutton      ||      £75 4 hour              ||  At least 10 ladies may be up to 20    [https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=272346. review]               
|    [https://www.swingandsin.co.uk/ Swingers & Sinners]        ||    Sutton      ||      £75 4 hour              ||  At least 10 ladies may be up to 20    [https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=272346. review]               

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Sex Parties

For the purpose of this article, sex parties are paid for sex events, where individual men pay to attend and have sex with one or more escorts. Swinger parties, by contrast, are where all attendees are not paid - any contribution is for the organiser or venue, not to the others having sex. There is clearly overlap in real life, as Swinger couples or females may attend a sex party, and there could be some paid-for escorts at a Swinger party. There is also variation in whether all sex is in public, and whether the sex is like an orgy (MFF, MMFF and so on) or private. Men normally pay to attend the party, rather than pay to have sex with a particular girl.

Venue versus Organiser

For many parties, the venue and the organiser are the same. The Phoenix club has a lease on a flat, so the location is TPC, and TPC parties are at the location. In contrast, some party organisers (e.g. Fuck Club) book different locations for every party - even hotel rooms. Some of these locations are themselves Swinger clubs. So the venue may have Swingers parties on one evening, and Sex parties (perhaps managed by a separate party organiser) on different evenings.

Gang Bang

A particular party where normally 4+ men attend and there is only one escort. Any number of men and women is of course possible and a high ratio sex party can be a called a gang bang. High ratio sex partiers are also called 'Greedy Girl' parties and confusingly this is also the name used by one party organiser.

The Phoenix Club

It is difficult to talk about Sex parties in the UK without a particular mention of TPC (formally known as Lady Marmalade's Parties or LMP). That is because they have been having 3 parties per day, 5-6 days per week for many years. They thus have capacity for 10,000 men per year - so even if they only manage part capacity, this is likely more than all other sex parties combined. Many of the norms and questions about TPC will apply to other parties too.

The norms at TPC

There will be 6 women and 8 to 12 men. The men will shower and change into robes. The women will be in lingerie. All move into one room with 3 beds and a swing and have sex. It is very common for a girl to give one man an OWO BJ, while another is giving her RO or sex. The men take breaks to recharge - the women take few, so there are many opportunities for 1-1 sex too. The girls have their own discretion so some kiss some don't. There is no MM interaction. There is infrequent FF interaction since the women are busy with the men. it is common for men to leave before the 2 hours is up, so any man left for the last 15 minutes may get the attentions of several women.


Q. What is is like being naked in front of other guys? A. Most men are worried about this prior to their first party. Almost all report that they concentrate on the girls and barely notice the other guys, so this is a non issue.
Q. What if fat/ugly/small dick? A. Normal guys attend of all ages shapes and sizes, and seldom notice each other.
Q. What about hygiene? A. All sex is covered, but there is only wet wipes between RO, kissing and OWO. Not for the ultra hygiene conscious.


TPC is £160 for 2 hours. Many parties are about this rate, indexed for time, ratio and quality of girl. Thus if the ratio is 3:1 a two hour party target price is about £100. The cheaper parties are often £80 - this can work out well if you attend on a quiet day, but could be a false economy if it is very busy, if the men are 'pussy blockers' or you don't fancy the women. At a small party such as LSP with 3 women, the risk of not liking the particular girls is greater.

List of Party organisers

Name Location Cost Description
Adult Parties Mcr Manchester £100 2 hour May be high ratio AW Page reviews
Bi Fun Club Sutton £55 4 hours Ratio high, many swingers and Tgirls AW Page rev1 rev2 external link
Cambridge Parties Cambridge (& Reading & Birmingham) £220 2.5 hour Cambridge AW Page They are also Sexy Soiree These have 5 positive reviews Open. Was closed last year due to police action.
Domina Parties London and E Mids £150 Fetish. CFNM and domination.
GBparties Sutton (at Lady P's) £150 2 hours ration said to be 3:1, Porn Stars-not active
Greedy Girls Parties Sutton (at Lady P's), Bristol, Brighton etc £60 2 hours aka Debbie's GG Parties. 15 parties per month day and eve, could be 40 guys and 10-12 girls. See their page for more locations.Sutton parties £100 and Kensington £120
Fuck Club Leeds, London, Midlands £130 2 hours AW Link Reviews
Intimate Control Dudley (at Valhalla) £40 to £60 2 hours Several parties a week organised by Intimate or girls like Harley 2-3 girls. And if lucky a swinger. This club has swinger events and sex parties, see diary. Rev
Le Jeu Escorts Peterborough £400 4hours Plush location, ratio 1:1 Review Aug 17
London Adult Party Club Sutton £80 for 3 hr 7-10PM Tuesday Several Milf and size 14+ girls. Ration could be 5:1 Swingers sometimes attend. Link
London Adult Party Club various Central London locations £100 for 3 hours. Several MIlf and size 14+ girls. Lower ratio. Run by 'John' Invitation only.Review Link
London Sex Parties Sutton £120 2 hour 3 or more girls typical 10 guys. (stated max 4:1). Hosted by BBW Rebecca Ryder. Rates raised 2018
London Swingers Adult Parties Camden £80 4 hours 8 to 12 every night except Monday unless a bank holiday -3 girls, sex sequential 1-1s,
Lady P's Brunch party Sutton £70 4 hours High ratio
Lifestyle Gangbang Parties South East and London £80 to £100 2 hours web UKP Thread 2 to 4 girls plus couples possible. High ratio. 2 hours includes 30 mins meet and greet. Review
SexyCarolinaParties Croydon £130 3 hours review 3 Girl afternoon parties, 3:1 and not a full 3 hours. Also do monthly larger parties (9 girls ratio 2:1), but no reviews yet. TOFTT? Share girls with London Sex Parties.
Splat Bukkake Party WMids: Private Club or RedRoom or Bristol-Debbies venue £60 2.5 hours Review See also Private club events
Temptations Northampton £120 2hours Last Friday of month this brothel does 3 x 2 hr parties. Sometimes 3 hours but with high ratio. venue
The Phoenix Club Marble Arch £160 2 hour 3 per day, Full 2 hours in party.
The Private Club Aston £45 - £75 4 hours ID required
The Fantasy den Walsall £40 (+6mo membership £30) New club. Has daily Events posted. They say: Bukkake Parties, Gangbang Parties, Greedy Girls Parties, Fetish Parties and more ! 07977317205 May be managers from Retro.
Swingers & Sinners Sutton £75 4 hour At least 10 ladies may be up to 20 review
Unit 8 (Sheffield Parlour) Sheffield £110 3 hours 2 Parties a month, 7-10 pm mid week Comment Reviews May 16 Nov 16 Jan 17 Feb 17 Oct 17 Dec 17 and Venue

See Also

List of Closed Parties

Just saving so we can check easily if they re-open!

Name Location Cost Description
Bi Gangbang Parties London (Southwark) £100 2 hour Ratio can be up to 5:1 AW Page reviews
Bella's Belles Sutton £85 2 hour 6 ladies AW Page reviews
Pam's Parties Crystal palace Not open currently.
Coffee Morning Paradise Spa Dagenham £50 5 hours Mostly a swinger venue, but do their own sex parties ('coffee morning') Wed morning. Rev1 June 17 Coffee mornings and other sex parties not taking place due to Council action

List of specialist venues

Name Location Cost Description
Le Boudoir Club London City The venue A large BDSM type swingers club and venue. Greedy Girls party on Thursday's. Guilt Free Girls
The Blue Door Dungeon Islington The venue Guess what, it is a dungeon. Book by hour.
La Chambre Sheffield Single Man: £25 per person, Single Woman: £5, Couples: £25 The venue Swingers club.
House du Croix Bristol £30 first hour then £25. The venue A dungeon with optional resident mistress.
Hoxton Dungeon Suite Hoxton N1 The venue with optional resident mistress. Min booking 4 hour.
Kestrels Heathrow The venue a Naturist spa with pool and playrooms. See also The Times reports on 1 Aug 2016 that they lost an appeal and it will be shut for breaking green belt rules. Reports say it is still open though.
The Paradise Spa Dagenham The venue a Naturist club.
Murder Mile Studio Clapton, London E5 The venue a themed, fetish friendly photographic studio and dungeon for hire.
The Private Club Aston The venue an adult club. Requires ID to get in.
Radlett Adult parties Radlett (near Watford) The venue a Swingers club.
Rio's Naturist Spa Kentish Town (London) The venue a Naturist spa. Rev Had a fire in Nov 2016
The Secret Dungeon High Wycombe The venue a dungeon.
The Valhalla Club Dudley (near Birmingham) The venue a Naturist club. Above it, is Scarlets
The Vanilla Alternative Tempsford SG19 (between Bedford and Cambridge) £20 to £40 for normal events. The venue a Naturist club. Debbies GG has some parties here.
Top Floor Studio Bristol BS15 £25 per hour to use venue. Events priced by organiser The venue a Studio. Some gangbang and swinger parties here.

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