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If you suspect trafficking, it is your job to report it. You can do this anonymously. Do it right away.

Trafficking / Slavery How-to-tell??

Significant Signs There are a number of signs that are common across all types of exploitation. Including, if a person:

  • acts as if instructed by another, as though they are forced or coerced to carry out specific activities
  • demonstrates signs of physical or psychological abuse, such as lacking self esteem, seeming anxious, bruising or untreated medical conditions
  • seems to be bonded by debt or has money deducted from their salary
  • has little or no contact with family or loved ones
  • is distrustful of authorities
  • has threats made against themselves or family members
  • is not in possession of their own legal documents

Significant signs for individuals potentially selling sex:

  • Is the person closely guarded?
  • Does the person have any signs of physical abuse, such as cigarette burns or tattoos indicating ownership?
  • Is the person allowed to keep the money they make? A trafficked sex worker will have restricted or no access to earnings
  • Is there any evidence that the person has been forced, intimidated or coerced into providing sexual services?
  • Does the person have an English vocabulary of only sexualised words?
  • Are there any signs the person is experiencing emotional trauma as a result of the work they are doing?

Some of the above may be unclear or contradictory, below are explanatory notes dating from 2019

Travel With EE or South American girls what you are looking for are girls with no obvious means of transport, who are moving location frequently. Usually a courier comes to pick them up with no prior notice and takes them to the next location. The girls usually won't know where they've been or when or where they're going. "Frequently" can mean anything between a couple of days to a couple of weeks. But don't assume static girls are OK, some teams will stay until the utility bills arrive and then jump ship every three or four months. Chinese girls are less obvious, they're often sent out by train from London on 1-2 week shifts, sometimes unsupervised during the journey. They're held in check by the lack of language, threats to themselves and family, and debt bondage. And often they don't realise they're being exploited. Age comes into it as well -the ones at risk are mainly in the 18-28 age range.

Sleeping This ones hard to pick up on.............sometimes there is a separate house acting as the pimps residence which the girls use for sleeping, sometimes complete with a training / breaking in room where the girls are intimidated, brainwashed raped and indoctrinated into the trade. You're most likely to find this where EE girls work from long-established houses, where the house remains in use but the girls change. Also where EE girls are hired out to parlours for the day: they get dropped off in the morning, collected next morning and the pimp pockets the price for renting her out. However a lot of EE girls are handled differently: those in short-term lets or in hotels or serviced apartments will eat sleep and fuck in the same room.

Limited clothing Most obvious in hotels or short term lets where the girl is living from a suitcase and may well have only the knickers she greets you in..........often what little clothing she has is totally impractical and is commonly thin £2 leggings and such like from the market. You can see what's strewn on the floor or in open suitcases Sometimes clothes are removed from a girls reach to prevent her escaping.......I've seen this with chinese girls where the only clothes in the flat were lace bodysuits

Money collection Sometimes there's a second person who grabs the money off you before the working girl has a chance to touch it.......indicates she's not trusted.

There are other signs as well

  • does the girl look healthy, well fed?
  • what's the decor of the building? Is it a shithole, does the bath and toilet work?
  • is there any furniture in the house?
  • how clean is the bedding?
  • are there any toiletries in the bathroom? how many razors? how many men's razors?
  • what's the state of the kitchen, is there any food in the house or is she living on pot noodles or beans supplied by the pimp?
  • does she know what town she's in, or what the last town was, or the next one?
  • what's her hygiene like?
  • how does she appear mentally? depressed? sad? brainwashed?
  • does she seem scared?

The online profiles give clues

  • stolen photos
  • repeated use of same location across profiles
  • new/changing profiles
  • multiple profiles for the same address
  • explicit photos
  • language style
  • profile - does it fit a known pattern?
  • is the girl out of place - could she realistically get here and set up in business unassisted
  • Pose seems unusual or extreme; appears overly explicit.
  • background is familiar
  • Background looks like non-private residence (hotel, etc.)
  • Facial expression of subject shows general or potential unease
  • Use of stock photo(s)
  • Low quality/resolution image(s)
  • Age: subject appears to be between 18-24 years old
  • Use of ‘s/he’ / ‘they’ / ‘we’ instead of ‘I’
  • Same/similar text as other ads for different subjects
  • Same contact number in different ads
  • Poor grammar and misspellings in the text
  • Current availability in multiple locations across the region
  • References to being new: ‘new in town’ / ‘just arrived’ / ‘new 4 you’
  • References to youth: ‘young and cute’ / ‘sweet’ / ‘fresh’ / ‘candy’
  • Use of emojis, e.g. peach/cherries
  • Little or no further information in Q&A section
  • Specific services: bareback/anal/OWO
  • Additional services at no extra price or very low price
  • Services offered at an ‘All Inclusive’ price
  • Low price for the local marketplace

None of these things on their own can conclusively prove anything, but as a mental checklist they help to give a feeling as to whether a girl is at risk. But remember - if you have the slightest suspicion, make the call