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Long running Leeds-based agency.


  • 1 Hour Incall - £150
  • 1 Hour Outcall - £150+

Additional charge for outcall outside the Leeds area.


The website has an adult content disclaimer prior to entering. The mainpage features all girls and has tabs for themes, highlighting each; Massage, Submission, Domination, Duo, and special offers. Each entry has images specific to that theme, instead of generic pictures of the girl from her main entry.

Bunnies is affiliated with Angels of York and the defunct Honeys Of Sheffield; both Angels and Honeys feature common design, phone number and the same girls. The main Bunnies website was cosmetically redesigned in August 2018, although actual functionality remains the same as before. All girls bios received new images during the web update.

Appearance in other media

The Bunnies website was featured - albeit mostly blurred - in the BBC3 documentary "Prostitution: What's The Harm?" presented by Billie JD Porter originally broadcast on 17th March 2014.[1] The programme was repeated again on BBC3 on 19th August 2015,[2] this time with the Bunnies website edited out completely. The edit begins at approximately 23:30 and is notable for a black frame jump between scenes.[3]

The website appeared in the Channel 4 documentary "Sex On Wheels" at 17:17.[4][5] A client browsed the website commenting "God, she's curvy - let's bookmark her!"[6]


The agency is generally well regarded and has had some popular girls working there.

Each girls entry contains a description of available services under the guise of "fantasies".

Common Criticisms

  • Regarded as being expensive compared to independent escorts.
  • Some punters found the girls inconsistent or not worth the price.

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