Feedback about agency girls on agency websites' review sections or on the phone by agency receptionists

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Feedback posted on agency websites is of questionable reliability. For type C and type D agencies it is most definitely fake. The feedback left on Type A and Type B agency websites is genuine i.e. not by the agency. The girls could theoretically post fake feedback about themselves but usually for the type A agencies a review is published after checking against the phone number (or last digits) that the punter used to make a booking which the girl doesn't know. The caveat is that most positive reviews on agency websites are written by fluffies and are rarely useful. Also most agencies don't show up the negative reviews posted by dissatisfied punters. In this page you can find commentary about which Type A agencies allow negative feedback to be displayed without moderation. No type B agency allows negative reviews to be displayed - even mixed feedback is usually censored to make it sound like fully positive.

When agency receptionists are asked to comment on a particular girl for example about the pics accuracy or on the quality of her service, they will often tell you they have plenty of good feedback about the girl. That is even in cases that the girl has no feedback on their website or external reviews/feedback on review websites. When challenged about how they know about it they will tell you that it is feedback provided to them by clients in an “interpersonal level” i.e. “happy clients” call the agency back to thank them and say “all excellent, pics accurate, service fantastic, etc" or the opposite the “responsible agency” call/text the clients immediately after the punt and ask them whether “everything was fine” and the client expresses his satisfaction.

Now personally I have been using agencies for years, I used a number of these agencies and I met a lot of different girls. Never once did a receptionist/pimp ask me for my feedback afterwards and never once did I feel the need to call the receptionist/pimp back to provide positive feedback in an “interpersonal level”. I have only called them back to complain in case of negatives. But for positives if I am so happy with the girl I will write and publish a public positive review. I am more than sure that this is applicable for the vast majority of punters. It is more than obvious that this “interpersonal positive feedback” that pimps are banging about is total and utter BULLSHIT. What most likely happens is that for bad service providers many punters call the agency back to complain so when this does not happen the pimp assumes it as positive, which somewhat is, but absence of complaints doesn't imply by any means positive feedback. It is also quite obvious that they bullshit when the same agencies don't display negative reviews and keep them hidden - how can you trust the word of such an agency. That said some receptionists (especially of the agencies who display negatives) are more honest than others and have the courtesy when asked on the phone to not recommend a girl or give you a hint of proceeding at your own peril.

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