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UK Escorting is a sister site to UK Punting. It is for both escorts and punters. It is free to use and contains no paid advertising.

History of UK Escorting

UK Escorting was opened 29 Oct, 2015. As of October 2017, It has over 33.000 members, over 950,000 messages, and over 16,000 uploaded pictures.

Rules of UK escorting

The UK Escorting site was created after many years of some UKP members being unhappy that they were unable to chit-chat / banter / flirt with girls due to rules forbidding it.

In addition, some girls and agency owners wanted - but were not allowed - to post on UKP to announce any AW profile names changes, phone number changes, etc. due to it being considered as touting. And some girls wanted to post their AW profiles and ask for ideas on improving them, also seen as veiled touting.

These things are fully allowed on this site.

In short - UKEscorting is a chat platform between WGs and punters, with free advertising for all.

It also has a large media section with additional photos that may not be found on AW free area.

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