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Adore Elite Newcastle Escorts is an escort agency based in the North East, United Kingdom, advertises itself as an 'all female' run agency but there are doubts about this from punters. Not to be confused with very similarly titled Elite Escorts North East which was set up by local escorts.

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Reliability and Reputation

Popularly known as the "Chest Sitter's" agency after a predecessor - North Angels Which is now closed - sent in a heavy to sit on a punter's chest because he dared to ask for his money back when the advertised services weren't delivered. Former bosses of VIP Angels, who fell out with each other, then set up Adore Elite. This reputation may not be deserved as there have been no repeat incidents, but punters in the North East have long memories.

Bogus 'Independent' Escorts

No doubt because of its reputation it also runs several bogus 'independent' websites for some of its girls in the hope that naive punters will be fooled into thinking they are real indies and not Adore Elite agency girls. Many indies do of course work for agencies but have real sites - the give aways with these 'fake' mini sites is:

  • All use Visual Sin design who do the Adore site
  • Pictures, names and profiles are often the same as on Adore Elite
  • Websites have generic names but the girls on them keep changing.

Escorts to be aware of as Adore Elites agency girls are:

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