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Courtesan, historically, meant a woman who was adept at music, either playing an instrument, singing or dancing who would also trade sexual favours to men for a fee.

The connection with music was important as it was the means by which the ladies involved differentiated themselves from the common prostitutes who had no such talent.

Their presence at the courts of Kings and Emperors meant that they became associated with rich and powerful men and this further enhanced their status as representing the highest class of prostitutes.

In time, because of the high fees that could be earned and the status that could be attained, the most beautiful prostitutes would call themselves "courtesans".

Their punting relationship could range from exclusivity with one man, akin to a high class Japanese "geisha", to keeping a small number of select clients. Many Geishas in Japan are young women and are often virgins before they become geisha, it's may be hard to understand to Westerners, but many Japanese men simply enjoy the company and talking with geishas. The geisha as a prostitute is a popular concept in film and probably doesn't exist in modern Japanese society.

High Class Call Girls

This is a term which is overly used. Much like courtesan it is a term that implies exclusivity and carries a higher price. There are some men willing to pay inflated prices, possibly foreign diplomats and Arab oil barons. Seasoned punters know the market rates and often believe paying £500 an hour is not good value when good escorts are available from £80 onwards.

Sophisticated, beautiful, intelligent women do escort. Unfortunately many of the self-dubbed "high class" women are often overpriced, have an inflated ego, knock ten years off their age and rarely escort; they mainly do webcam or one expensive booking a week. Despite the prices services can also be limited with many "high class" girls refusing to OWO or anal.

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