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Diamonds of Newcastle is an escort agency based in the North East of England. One of the two largest agencies in Newcastle with around 40 girls on their books at any time and a flat rate £100 hour £50 half hour incall rate.

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Reliability & Reputation

Diamonds has been a mainstay of local punting for a lot of regular Newcastle punters for many years, their weekly diary goes live every Monday and if trying to book further than a week ahead they have been known to lose the odd booking. They tend to have some of the younger and less experienced girls on their books, so on occasion they have been reported to make basic errors like forgetting condoms. Their reputation took a knock when they used a large number of Romanian girls - see below - but that seems to have been addressed now. Current concerns for punters are that their non-Quayside flats are not always the best and flat sharing can be a problem.


Photos are generally reliable and not over flattering or re-touched, to the point many of the girls really do look better than their photos. However some girls who have come from other agencies do have over photoshopped glossy images which might not match reality.

East European Girls

Diamonds has always had a few foreign escorts probably more than other North East agencies, and a few years ago these girls were generally reliable and well regarded. However after a popular pair of Romanian girls worked at the agency they then had a tie in early 2014 with another agency who supplied Romanian girls in what is acknowledged to have been very damaging to their reputation as they were not generally reliable or well reviewed. Since then they have pulled back from that arrangement and they have fewer foreign escorts and those that remain seem to be better regarded.


Quayside flats are generally modern but those in other locations have been criticised by punters for being basic and lacking things like clean towels.

Brothel Risk

Some of the larger flats are clearly shared by more than one girl according to UKP members reports so if this is a concern you might want to check with UKPunting members which ones.

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