Discretion (Hull Parlour)

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A popular Hull based parlour. This parlour has a dungeon.


  • 30 Minutes - £50
  • 45 Minutes - £75
  • 1 Hour - £90

Thursday, Friday, Saturday there is a £10 door fee. Payable between 6pm and 6am which is refundable if no girl is chosen, and your stay is less than 10 minutes.

Location and Parking

82 Edgar Street, Hull, HU3 2DG


This parlour can be considered OK\good.

Common Criticisms

  • The parlour could be better furnished.
  • In a run down part of town.
  • It could be expensive for extras.
  • Door fee at certain times.


The website features an 18+ warning disclaimer before entering the site. It features descriptions of the girls as well as some unairbrushed pictures for most girls. The site allows girls to be reviewed in a blog comments style on the individual girl's profiles. There are stats displayed down the side (height, dress size, age etc)

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