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Eros Centres are a popular German institution and can be found in most large cities. Unlike FKKs, they can frequently be seen in the city centre and vary from simple walk-ups (like Soho walk-ups), to large buildings with many floors where each working girl has her own apartment, or a combination of both. For instance, right in the centre of Stuttgart you can find the mega-brothel "3 Farben Haus" It is a big brothel with 6 floors and around 10-15 girls on each floor. Even during the daytime you may find 50 girls to choose from. About five minutes walk away you can find a RLD around the Leonhardstrasse. There are maybe 10 or more walk-up brothels, most with several girls on each floor, but much smaller establishments compared to 3 Farben Haus. At Eros Centres, a working girl will typically leave her door open if she is available, so you can see and maybe speak to her briefly before deciding. As prostitution is legal, there is nothing covert about the atmosphere, such as you find in London. Eros Centres offer an excellent choice for quick and uncomplicated sexual relief at a modest price, and without eating into a busy day. Pascha in Cologne, is another famous mega-brothel or Eros Centre.

A "Laufhaus" is a German word meaning a brothel where prostitutes have rented a room.

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