Escort Tactics to Make You Cum Faster

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Similar to the Prostitute Time Wasting Tactics guide. This is a guide to the tricks prossies use to make the man cum faster. The reasons for doing this vary. Some reasons include: to shorten the booking, because they do not enjoy the company or simply to provide a bad service.

Constant Handjobs

The prossie starts wanking you off through the zipper in your trousers before you've taken them off. You have a naked cuddle and she's vigorously wanking you off when you get close. You have a blowjob and she wanks the shaft while sucking your cock. When she's having a breather she wanks you furiously. Before putting a condom on she wanks you off a bit more. You have sex in missionary and cowgirl as she is guiding you in, she gives your penis a bit more of a rub.

Avoiding It

  • If you personally do not like it, politely state so right at the start.
  • Some prossies are so used to spanking the plank that they tend to do it by default, not necessarily to shorten time or be disingenuous.
  • Move her hand out of the way, if necessary.

Dirty Talk

I love dirty talk, some men don't; but the fact is it can often bring men to the point of no return quicker. It is often said during sex, especially when there's time left on the clock, designed to make round 2 difficult.

Avoiding It

  • If you really do not enjoy it. Politely say so early on.
  • You can always spot a fake and if the girl is using clichés such as: "oh baby, that's hitting my g spot, fill me with man spunk big boy"; coupled with poor body language she's probably putting it on.
  • I give dirty talk if the girl does, but it can be difficult and embarrassing. The girl either stops or we mirror each other, either way it's win-win.


You are having penetrative sex with a girl. She uses her pelvic floor muscles (kegal exercises) to make her pussy appear very tight. The man usually cums in seconds. If it is a short booking time is pretty much over, if it is a long booking it makes round 2 difficult.

Avoiding It

  • From my experiences very few prossies do this, but it is unmistakable when they do it. And it does feel different to a prossie simply having a tight pussy.
  • Firmly, but politely state you do not enjoy it when she starts doing it.
  • Change position as many times as possible to get more bang for your buck.
  • I've experienced clamping most in missionary position.

Other Tips

  • It is your paid time, not their's. Be polite and respectful, but do not get taken advantage of.
  • Remember always switch positions to delay orgasm.
  • If they complain you're taking ages; write that in a field report.
  • If the prossie plans on going through the motions; she does it with everybody not just you. Do not take it personal.

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