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Belgium has a relaxed attitude to punting, similar to the Netherlands and Germany. Brussels has a number of red-light districts, of which the most accessible is Rue d'Aerschot, a street of girls in windows similar to Amsterdam. It can be accessed even as a short layover: the Brussels Airport Express train gets to Brussels North (Brussel-Noord) in about 12 minutes and the main RLD is just alongside the station — the 'scruffy' side – the left of the station seen from the direction of travel. (Brussels Central station is the next again stop.) Trains also connect with Antwerp (for Villa Tinto) and Bruges should you be interested.

The main Brussels Airport (BRU) is not to be confused with Brussels Charleroi, which is less convenient and a good hour away. The train station at Brussels Airport is also known as Zaventem (after the district). It is located in the Main Terminal, before security, Level -1. Rue d'Aerschot is open from around 10am and 50 Euro gets you a pumpndump and a couple of positions. (40E seems to be about the minimum).

The main Aerschot area has several adjoining streets that are easily overlooked (see map) though the quality in the other streets seems to be poorer. Longstanding internet map, some details are slightly out of date but still a good guide: xdcr4x.png

Streetwalkers of varying quality about in Brussels, as do 'massage' and other establishments. For a taste... Studio Europe is about 15 minutes on foot from Aerschot and features a scenic walk to the edge of the Lakensestraat / Rue de Laeken red light area. As Rue d'Aerschot curves left (see map), take a right at the crossroads (Rue de Brabant) under the bridge. Keep going till you reach a large square with a Starbucks and Rogier Station straight ahead. Cross the square and turn right along the main road. There are occasionally well-dressed and attractive SW whores who smile seductively, though most are brazen, especially on the side roads. Go left at t’Genot onto Pelican. Almost immediately take the first right onto Sint-Jans Nepomucenus (the street has several different names, Google calls it Commercants, which is the name from the other end). Studio Europe is well signed. There's a massage joint almost opposite that seems to open earlier. (You can use Googlemaps to find Commercants but it does tend to use your battery up rather quickly.)

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