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The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the west. It's known for its beaches, resorts, golfing and punting.


  • It's great but don't stay in a resort, visitors are not allowed. I've only been to Sosua, but several times which is mainly a wild strip of bars and clubs with some knockout gorgeous girls who just love to have fun in and out of the room, from olive coloured Latinas to black Haitians, every shape and size a man wants. Best fly into Puerta Plata. A hotel I can recommend is New Garden Hotel, Italian owned and run, it was $100 per night before covid, great food, some girls allowed to frequent the bar/pool, no issue with guests, security are on your side ;). Many East coast Americans there from New York, Chicago etc and also Canadians from mainly Toronto... all there for fun and the women. Very friendly towards us Brits/Irish. Well worth a try.
  • To be honest wherever you are in the Dominican Republic you will have a pretty good choice of girls, they are everywhere but if your in all inclusive gated luxury prison which is what most of the hotels are like there you wont be able to bring any girl back to the hotel. However if you really want a good time then you want to be in the North of the island in a beach resort called Sousa ( nearest airport is Puerto Plata). Sousa is a crazy place with several bars and two nightclubs latinos and classicos its more like the Notting hill festival with sunshine and music with every girl a working girl Load and loads of girls, and a really nice public beach I'm talking hundreds of women especially on the weekends as lots of weekenders visit thur fri sat sun night for a long weekend You will be falling over them. You also have Passions strip club / brothel at the far end of the street - just google Passions Sousa it will bring up the website these girls are a more expensive though than the girls that work the bar area. In Sousa you cant move on the weekends for the girls that are working the bars and discos. It's a great place to go to though if you can get a trip to the North of the Island then defiantly try to do it. If your planning on staying overnight or for a few days then you have quite a few girl friendly hotels close by as well. If your in the south/ south east of the Island i.e. Punta Cana then Boca Chica is probably the next best place similar to Sousa but more low key but its not easy to get to.

Sex Resorts

  • Blackbeards 30 minute cab ride from the International Airport of Puerto Plata. Escorts on hotel staff, but not all inclusive. PAYG.
  • DR Nights Two locations: Punta Cana and Puerto Plata.

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