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Punting in Macau – A Guide

Macau, the Las Vegas of the east (only with MORE gaming tables) is also a punting haven, with many choices on offer. Unfortunately, it is no bargain. But on the flip side the service is mostly excellent, and the girls are hot. If you want variety from asian girls (hard to believe, but if) there are plenty of EE to be had for a price.

The Spas

It is all about the Spas. These look like normal high class spas like you may find all across China. And many are on upper floors of quite nice hotels. Look legit. They are legit, but they are also fully legal brothels, where after a shower and a snack, you can ask for a line up and choose the girl you want to fuck for an hour.

We know of 14: (more added soon)

Name Location Comments Typical Price
Darling 1 Masters Hotel, 162 Rua das Lorchas Fishbowl has beer 1960
Familia Nobre 249 Alemeda Drive Near L'arc hotel Almost as goor as Rio but almost as pricey 3000
Rio Spa In Rio Casino Generally though to be the best but expensive 3000+


There are scattered don market 'spas' that don't even pretend to be spas. These are incall or out call brothels. Scummy rooms but Ok if you lost at the table and just need a fuck.

Strip Club with Take out escorts

Playmates under hotel Guia as a strip sho, a sex show, and a line up of escorts for taking back to your hotel.

Street walkers

They roam just south of the holiday Inn

Ponte 16: the inner harbour

There are walk in hotels with swarms of escorts here. Similar to the Amsterdam damme. Look for Avenida de Almeida Ribiero.

Near by hotels are Masters and Peninsula.

At this point, let me just say that if you like shaved armed pits and trimmed pussy, the inner harbour area is NOT the place for you. The WG's here are mostly Mandarin speaking mainlanders, Cantonese might help you a little bit, and English won't help you at all. Here the pork chops look after the chickens (note: a pork chop is a chicken who has reached her use-by date), so to get to the chicken you need to get past the pork chop. If it's summer time there'll probably be a girl stationed at the door to beckon punters in, or if it's winter they'll all be inside. Now pay attention. You'll be swamped by mainland pork chop with bite marks on their boobs and necks, don't be distracted. Behind them should be a couple of shy fresh new girls and these should be your target.

Other tips

  • A local sim with data and minutes is cheap.
  • is somewhat like UKP - and so useful. User credibility is based on ratings. Very few touts exist.
  • HK dollars are valid in Macau, but Macau dollars are not valid in HK.

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