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It has the policy where you will not see another punter. They usually have two girls per day. The younger prostitutes working there are in their early-mid 20s, oldest over 40, with most middle-aged.


  • 30 Minutes Basic Service - £45

Some services may carry an additional price, there is usually a price list in the rooms. It could prove expensive if you require something extra special.

Location and Parking

774 Worksop Road.
Honeypot is across the road from GFE. It does not have a large sign like GFE, making it a fairly discreet option. Locals and fellow punters may recognise the building though.


Generally well-respected and well-run. In the past they have had a few bad escorts working there, but mainly positive reviews.

Common Criticisms

  • Mainly mature ladies working there.
  • Ages may have been reduced on the website.

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