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House of Divine is an escort agency that operates brothels. Two are in London, HOD1 and HOD2 and a two in Milton Keynes, Annabella's Escorts and Milton Keynes Escorts.

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Date Girl Rating Author Link Comments
10 June 2014 Valentina Positive Gre53
07 October 2013 Parissa Negative ladiesman020
21 January 2015 Parissa Positive G-style
21 May 2014 Kim Positive iName
08 August 2014 Pam Neutral Jayxxxxx
11 October 2014 Karolina Positive Eastend69er
06 November 2014 Katie Neutral 4kingace
12 December 2014 Angel Neutral Akauya
11 October 2014 Nadia Negative Akauya
29 November 2014 Tina Positive ricky_harrow
21 May 2014 Tina Neutral iName
30 December 2014 Jennifer Positive yumyum3
01 January 2015 Izabel Positive phillipo
16 July 2014 Penny Negative Nimrod
15 January 2015 Penny Positive Laying Pipe
21 June 2016 Adrianne Positive kydon81
14 August 2016 Valentina Positive Spacecowb0y
28 September 2016 Peace Positive LL 30+ Thai
21 November 2016 Gemma Negative SlamBoy Skinny no FK
23 November 2016 Danielle Positive Thaiger7 Brit
23 November 2016 Kim Neutral Tejano
24 November 2016 Francesca Neutral Dodecode
23 November 2016 Chloe (Karlie Simon) Positive Tejano Brit, porn star
23 November 2016 Elise and Apple Positive Tejano
26 February 2017 Apple Positive Super07Punt Pimlico
5 March 2017 Pixie Positive Reluctant Pimlico

Annabellas Milton Keynes

Q. Is this is a walk in and pick place, or a pre book the specific girl place?

A. Can be both, on this visit I just walked in, if you call them they give you the address, obviously if there is a certain lady you want you would be better of booking in advance.

Date Girl Rating Author Link Comments
27 June 2016 Michelle Positive edc770
16 July 2016 Michelle Positive Mike_60
19 Aug 2016 Pease Positive switch99
24 Sep 2016 Lucy Positive Jerboa
28 Sep 2016 Kim Positive vt Romanian
28 Sep 2016 Chloe Positive Jerboa aka Karlie Simon
5 Oct 2016 Charlize Positive thepatrician S African Milf
26 Oct 2016 Ella Positive Steve Jones14
1 Nov 2016 EKim Positive Jerboa
23 Nov 2016 Sabrina Positive edc770
25 Nov 2016 Lottie Negative doughboy Older, No GFE
2 Dec 2016 Danielle Positive vt
7 Dec 2016 Charlize Positive Jason de Culo S African Milf
19 Dec 2016 Ella Positive HorneyHemel Anal possible
19 Dec 2016 Ruby Neutral Lister
28 Dec 2016 Sabrina Positive Golovkin Porn star, unshaven
28 Jan 2017 Maddie Positive CheeseYa Polish leggy blonde 19yo
4 Feb 2017 Maddie Positive Kassanova Polish leggy blonde 19yo
7 Mar 2017 Michelle Positive HornyHemel She claims 20s, UKP thinks 30s

Milton Keynes Escorts Milton Keynes

Date Girl Rating Author Link Comments
31 Aug 2016 Elizabeth Positive Hardup1
4 Sept 2016 Amber Positive Mike_60
18 Sept 2016 Imogen Positive 7x09
4 Oct 2016 Jennifer Positive HorneyHemel
20 Nov 2016 Charlize Positive JW.Bobbit
7 Dec 2016 Peace Positive Jason de Culo
8 Dec 2016 Ashley Neutral Odd Job

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