House of Poitier

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This is a gangbang and swingers party organised by Lady P. Based in Sutton but also with parties in central London and West Sussex.

House of Poitier

March 13, 2015
Hello Everyone I'm the lady in question (Lady P = Christine) I own the house in Sutton and as stated I run some weekend swinger parties but mostly I hire the venue out to others who host and promote the events. Since the middle of last year I took over the monthly coffee mornings renaming them Lady P's brunch. They still continue on the first Thursday of the month and usually have four featured girls plus a selection of couples and greedy girls who are on our mailing list. For the last four years these parties have been priced at £60 but due to rising costs from next month we will be increasing the price to £75 but I will be looking to making other improvements to compensate. I believe it is still a good value proposition.

Next week I am starting a new party format which I hope will be a regular event that you guys will enjoy so it can become part of the punting scene. On Tuesday 17th March there will be two sessions 1pm to 4pm and 5pm to 8pm. Four featured ladies will be there plus other greedy girls and swingers who may turn up. The cost is £75 for single guys, £25 for couples and free for single ladies.

If you would like to attend or want details of the line up, please contact me.

Thanks, Lady P x