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Ladybirds is a parlour in Northenden, South Manchester. Reviews are very mixed and the website is not kept up to date.

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UKPunting Reviews

Date Girl Rating Author Link Comments
June 29, 2011 Carla Positive Mancspunter Carla @ Ladybirds Manchester
January 29, 2016 Coral Positive rovingman Coral - Ladybirds Manchester
May 21, 2016 Monique Neutral camshaft72uk Monique at Ladybirds
October 24, 2016 Isha Negative NigelF "Isha" - Ladybirds, Manchester
October 24, 2016 Mya Negative NigelF "Mya" - Ladybirds, Manchester
January 10, 2017 Carly Negative NigelF Carly - Ladybirds, Manchester