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A 4 hour party run at an exclusive Brothel near Peterborough. The site also does incalls.

They run 4 parties in a week, one week a month. Parties are usually 11-3. With the small numbers, they wont run an event without at least 3 confirmed guys to attend.

The venue is a large private rural house with in-door swimming pool, hot tub, living room, lounge and 5 bedrooms most with en-suite.

Typical party is 4 men and 4 women. Thirty minutes social (all 8 in one room socialising and playing strip pool), then one hour of private 1-1 sex. Then group hot tub and lunch. Sex with girl 2. Then a pole dance show. Then sex with girl 3.

Party and booking incalls is for members only. The path of becoming a member is not clear - it has been reported that you must visit for an incall before you can attend a party.


1) Is this really a sex party? There is no group sex.
A) It has some things in common with other sex parties. You book the event, not the girl, and end up fucking all (or almost all) who attend. You see the other guys and all attendees chat and flirt together. But the sex is almost always 1-1, and that time is like a private booking, not a sex party.

2) Is this Value for money? £400 sound like lot. And according to the above, it adds up to only 2 hours of sex.
A) If you want 4 hours of pure fucking, then booking TPC twice is better VFM. But if you want a 4 hour experience, with non stop 1-1 attention, then £100 per hour may be good value. Trying to book a 4 hour experience with 3 escorts is not easy. And in a 4 hour experience, most guys are not pounding for 4 hours.

3) What are the escorts like?
A) Consistently good size 8-12 East Europeans in 20s and 30s. Like all parties, there may be one you don't fully fancy. Service standard is v.high with all reported to be good at English and all services (DFK, OWO, fingers) short of anal. Caring and serving (wash you get your lunch)

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