Logan Montoya (Teesside)

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Porn Star escort from Teesside who served a prison sentence for blackmailing two punters with Loretta Isaac, as of August 2015 she has been released from prison and is working again as an escort under the name Innocent Dolly and is touring different regions including Scotland. Her real name is Amelia Horn. She is from Ingleby Barwick, near Stockton.

  • Age: 27 (advertised as 23)
  • Ethnicity: White British (olive\tanned skin)
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Dress Size: 6-8
  • Bust: 32C Natural
  • Hair: Brown Long
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Tattoos: Heavily Tattooed. 3 butterflies and a Celtic pattern on lower back, a dove on left wrist and large rose pattern on stomach.
  • Non-Ear Piercings: Navel
  • Other Names: Daisy Desire (Sunderlandincalls), Millie Louise (model name), Amelia Louise Horn, Daisy, Innocent_Dolly, Innocent Dolly.

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