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The London Adult Party Club now hold sex parties most Fridays ( one afternoonand one evening) at the well known mansion in Fitzrovia. They cost £100 for 3 hours and typical ration is 3:1.


LAPC has been running almost 20 years.

LAPC parties, organised by John, used to be in a small flat in Leather Lane. It was very easy to get there, and had a reasonable sized lounge and bedroom. Yes it only had one bathroom but that was and still is quite common for party venues unless they are a fully fitted swingers club. The parties held there were by invite only so they were fairly low ratio. Not much problem getting into the shower and John provided decent towels.

LAPC continued to hold parties at the Spa at Dagenham up to the time it closed a couple of years ago. They had evening parties (the Spa's had their own brunch parties).

After the Leather Lane flat was sold LAPC were without a place for the smaller parties for a while until John got a house in Wimbeldon. Again this was easy to get to by public transport. It was a clean modern house with 2 bedrooms and one bathroom but not a problem as these were low ratio parties and there were very enjoyable times in both evenings and afternoons.

After that house was taken back to be sold, LAPC were without a venue for a while but then started using short term let AirBnB type flats which were often very luxurious with a couple of bathrooms. These were expensive places and could have problems with entry systems and caretakers. And parties were not held regularly.

Next LAPC used a small flat in Barking on Friday afternoons.This was not very luxurious but was close to public transport.

Around this time John was also holding low cost parties at The House in Sutton. They were not popular so folded.

Then John started using the Party Mansion in Fitzrovia. They are easy to get to and have a laid back atmosphere and good attitude girls.


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