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This is a budget type party that run two hour parties for £100. The fee was raised from £80 to £100 in June 2017. These parties are organised by Rebecca Ryder, a BBW ex-porn star/BabeChannel girl. Some of their material uses the name 'Kims Parties' but this a re-used email list or something.

Location and ratios

London Sex Parties are now held in Sutton.

Their parties usually have three hostesses. They claim, on their website, that they allow a maximum of 10 male guests (a ratio of about 3:1) It has been reported, however, that in reality the ratio can be higher 'sometimes up to 4:1 . Their material now promises maximum of 4:1 These days most parties are 4 or 5 porn star girls plus Rebecca will jump in if necessary.

On the days they have parties they hold three sessions: 12-2pm, 3-5pm and 7.00-9.00pm.

They have held similar parties in Bristol.

Contact Details

London Sex Parties official website


Booking Procedure

Contrary to other party organisers, London Sex Parties have a join then email based booking system (presumably to weed out time wasters).

We are bored of the swingers clubs where because a few pushy idiots are let in the rest of the guys don't get to play and the couples feel exposed. we wanted to do something different - so we did. Our parties are a mixture of swinger couples and greedy girls who WANT to play with the single guys. They want to be spit-roasted or gangbanged or bukkaked. The problem is how do you get rid of the rude, the uncouth, the unhygienic or the time-wasters?
Simple - you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get to one of our parties. Source LSP

The procedure is like this:

  1. You subscribe to their email list to receive party updates/info
  2. When you see a party event that you want to attend you email them stating which session you are interested in.
  3. You receive a confirmation email with instructions to text them your email address as confirmation of your booking two days before your chosen party
  4. On the day that you send your text confirming your booking, you get another email with the address of the venue where the party is held with a unique code name for you.
  5. When you turn up you use the codename given to you to register your presence.


A recurrent criticism for this particular venue is the state of the untidiness of the flat. Also anyone allergic to cats should stay well clear as the host owns several cats that are allowed to roam freely all over the place. The sofas look tatty thanks to the cat's scratches all over. The carpets have seen better days. Since this venue was used they moved to good clean flats in Stockwell and are now in a house in Sutton.

Another criticism is the high ratio of punters to girls. Despite the convoluted booking procedure, the low cost of these parties seem to attract a lot of punters.


Date Rating Author Link Comments
14 March 2014 Positive davidgood
03 April 2014 Negative Akauya
06 February 2015 Positive Akauya
28 February 2015 Positive davidgood
21 December 2015 Positive davidgood
8 July 2016 Positive davidgood