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A new reincarnation of the former Limelight Parties.

LSAP website

LSAP are operating from a property they lease in Camden so are in the same place for as long as the landlord is happy with them and does not want the place back to sell; which has happened to a number of party venues in London in the past few years. It is a 2 storey flat with 2 bedrooms upstairs, and large lounge on the ground floor. All in good order. Easy to get to by public transport. £100 for 4 hours, 8PM until Midnight.

The web site is a bit wordy and overly complicated but it dates from a time when they had a much bigger venue and held more parties, some of which would be themed or specialist. Also it has to cover the fact that some parties do have genuine swingers who may well not want to play with every guy there. Also the girls have the discretion to say no to anyone who is a bit whiffy or anti-social.

These are sex parties. But rather than a gang bang type format in one room they are more of a series of laid back 1 to 1s, but with all doors open. Also rather than all being hardnosed full time working girls there are a number of part timers who have families and other jobs but are there for a bit of money and because they like sex and they will usually thank the guy for his performance! Plus you do get real greedy girl swingers who are happy to join in, particularly at weekends.