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An introduction to the land of those little brown lovelies

How to get there

Morocco is reasonably well serviced by the airlines from the UK. Below is a list of the best punting destinations together with the company and airport connections. Prices tend to fluctuate wildly depending on the time of year. Other services are available but those shown below are likely to get you some of the best prices.

Marrakesh Fez Agadir Casablanca Tangier
Bristol (E), Stanstead (R) Gatwick (E) Gatwick (Ra) Gatwick (Aa)
Gatwick (E) Gatwick*(Ra) Stanstead (R) Heathrow (Ra) Paris*(R)
Manchester (E) Heathrow*(Ra) Gatwick (Ra) Heathrow (B) Madrid*(R)
Liverpool (R) Heathrow (Ra) Gatwick (B)
Luton (R)
Stanstead (R)

(E) = Easyjet. (R) = Ryanair. (Ra)= Royal Air Maroc (B) = British Airways. (Aa) = Airarabia. * = no direct UK flights.

Some "Do's and Dont's" while in Morocco

What follows is advice only. You'll have a much better experience if you try to follow at least some of it. As always use your common sense.

  • Cover up. Arms and legs are best covered up unless you're at the beach. This goes for both men and women. The locals will find you far more approachable.
  • Dont drink alcohol in a public place and dont offer it to people who aren't already drinking it.
  • Moroccans love to talk. Be prepared for a conversation anytime with anyone.
  • Dont eat or drink anything in public during Ramadan.
  • Dont buy the water from the street vendors. Though tap water is generally safe to drink.
  • If your taxi doesnt have a meter then ask the price before you go anywhere.
  • If you're lucky enough to be offered tea then it is very impolite to not just take at least a sip.
  • If you want to catch your flight home then dont carry even a small amount of drugs. The penalties are severe.
  • if you take a picture of a person/monkey/snake etc then you will be expected to pay at least a few dirhams.
  • Greet with a handshake and enquire about health and happiness... it goes a long way.
  • Eat food cooked in the souks (markets) at your own risk. I've eaten there several times with no problems and then last time in Marrakech I was so ill that I was almost hospitalised.
  • Dont agree to the first price. Haggle (bargain) with them. Moroccans haggle for everything. Try it. Its fun and they appreciate it too despite their initial mock outrage.
  • Porn is a illegal. You cant buy it. Dont take any with you either.

Costs of a Punt & other General Outlays

This is a very general guide to the prices you should expect to pay for the services of not only the wg of your choice but the other associated costs in getting her in your bed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE try to stick within these price ranges. Paying over the odds leads to the girls to raise their expectations for all punters and causes rapid inflation for us all. It isnt good for anyone! There are reports of American tourists paying $400 to $500 for 5 to 6 hours with some of these girls. Thats 4000 to 5000MAD for a couple of shots. These are the same prices regularly quoted as being paid by the Oil state Arab customers. This is stupid! Local doctors dont earn as much in a week! The girls will only get accustomed to earning such large sums from white guys and make it difficult for anyone else to get a decent shag at a reasonable price. JUST DONT DO IT! (rant over, sorry).

  • update Jan 2017 - punters are reporting girls asking for 1500MAD for just a couple of hours. Inside clubs girls aren't budging from 3000. Crazy!

Can you haggle? Moroccan culture involves the art of haggling. This means you dont just accept the first price she gives you. Aim to get what you want for half of what they initially ask for. This means your first counter offer should be below half of what they asked. Example... she says "2000", you say "800". She then counters with maybe "1500"... you then pause for a bit, screw your face up, hum and harr and then say "1000 and not a penny more?" She agrees and you're both happy (or she slaps your chops and storms off, ha ha). But seriously, she is not going to be offended by your bargaining skills. To Moroccans its a way of life. If either of you cant agree on a reasonable price then she'll be off to look for another sucker to be her ATM for the night. For you there are plenty more lovely brown girlies to choose from.

Here is a handy cost list showing an average punt in Casablanca: (all numbers are in Moroccan Dirham or MAD)

  1. Girls - short term 400 to 800. Long term fee - 700 to 1500. (Very cheap for a whole night).
  2. All drinks are expensive in the girl friendly clubs - 100 to 150 per drink (alcohol and soft). Its always cheaper to buy spirits by the bottle (and more classy).
  3. Club entry is often 200 and up depending on where you go.
  4. Club exit fee is for the girl and is often 100. She wont usually have to pay this if you leave near to the clubs closing time.
  5. she might also have a cloakroom fee of 100 if she left her coat at the entrance.
  6. Taxi rate is 100. Double this if you need to get 2 taxis (1 each).
  7. Police facilitation fee (ie. Bribe) is 200. This is an infrequent expense but does happen particularly if you both got in the same taxi.
  8. Apartment guard facilitation fee (ie. Bribe) ranges between 50 to 100. Bare in mind he may not earn that in a day. Dont pay more than 100.
  9. Mid range apartment will cost around 600 to 800. This is cheap compared to the awful hotels.

So the total cost... (excluding the appartment) 1700 to 2600 MAD.

Obviously these amounts could vary widely. You might not get stopped by police for example or you might decide to have a few more drinks than average. But use these numbers only as a guide.

Scams, Tricks, Traps and some general safety advice.

WG tricks and scams

  • It's important to understand that many of these girls will rob you if they get the chance, and some girls will come back to your place with the intention of robbing you rather than doing what they've agreed to. If you ever let 2 girls into your place at the same time you're asking to get screwed and not in a fun way. You can bet that whilst one distracts you the other will be going through your stuff and then when you want to get rid of them, they might refuse to leave or start to smash up the apartment if you don't give them 1000dh each or whatever else they demand. Tell them to come alone (otherwise generally 2 will turn up).
  • Be very careful about bringing the cheap, skanky girls you find in the cafés and around Mcdonalds home with you as some of these women are extremely dangerous. There's a reason why these one's can't get into the discos / bars. Reports are that these women will sometimes start to smash up your appartment or start screaming that they'll call the police if you dont give them 000's of dirhams immediately. Best advice is to physically throw them out of your appartment and give them nothing. The police are far more likely to arrest her than you in any case.
  • Never leave a girl alone in your appartment, even for just a short while, even just to take a shower. She might ask you to go out and get cigarettes or drinks. Dont. As soon as your backs turned she'll be going through your stuff. If you need to take a shower then invite her to shower with you. Keep food drink and cigarettes stocked in your appartment. Similarly if the girl suddenly decides to leave all in a rush, for whatever reason, it might be because she's just robbed you. Check before you let her leave.
  • Another scam to be aware of is girls that claim to be virgins, that insist that they want their friend to come along or that say "I'm not a working girl". All that means is that they'd rather not have to work for the money, and prefer to scam it out of you by leading you on and getting you to pay for things for them whilst giving nothing of any real value in return. If you ever meet a girl out, the moment you sit down with her she'll pick up the menu and order the most expensive thing on the menu, for her and for her ugly friend (they always bring along another one).
  • Others play a longer game. Pretending to be sweet and innocent and then telling you some sob sorry that involves them needing money for something. So avoid putting yourself in this position. If girls ask you to buy them drinks, pay for their taxi or go out together etc just make an excuse or pretend you can'd understand and walk away. They earn enough already! Make sure they do the work first, otherwise far from being grateful for anything you give them they'll think "aha, here's another sucker" and start to plan how else they can cheat you out of your money.
  • It's always good idea to hide your money away, because if they notice you have lots of money in your wallet that makes you even more of a target. They'll notice if you have a very expensive phone / clothes etc and that's generally not a good thing. That will make them think that you probably have more expensive stuff at the apartment for them to steal. The best way to look is a bit rough, like you know your way around and have connections here. Don't ever tell anyone this is your first time here, don't tell them your real name or where you live (in case they come asking for you). Think of fake info to give out before you leave. You can bet the names they give you are not their real names, either, of course.
  • If your natural temperament is to be Mr. Nice Guy, I recommend leaving that shit at the airport on arrival. It does not work here. If you appear shy, nervous or intimidated, these girls will absolutely rip you off. Never pay a girl before she has fullfilled her side of the bargain. Alternatively, if you appear in control and walk like you have a 12-inch cock, your experience will be better. Don't be a dickhead, these girls already have to put up with enough from sexually repressed Saudis. Just be polite but firm and stay in control of all situations.
  • Some punters have suggested that you should avoid English speaking girls as they have previously proved to them to be the most trouble. The argument for this is that a girl that speaks multiple languages is well educated and so is naturally quite clever and so she works out the easier route to earn the money and scams you instead.

Other Scams associated with your punt

  • In the clubs everyone will try to fleece you for all they can get. The girls might ask for the most expensive cocktails or get drinks for their friends. Dont be a sucker. She's just using you as an ATM or she's on a kickback from the bar owner or both.
  • When you settle your bill at the end of the night make sure the waiter hasn't added a massive tip to your bill 'by accident' of course. Tip generously and they'll remember you another time BUT you decide how much. Not them.
  • If the girl wants to leave with you early then she will probably have to pay the doormen an exit fee. This is normally 100 MAD. Any more and tell her "no thanks". The girls earn enough to be able to pay the whole charge, again dont be her ATM.

Same goes for any cloakroom charges.

  • Taxis outside the clubs are fully aware of whats going on. Dont get in the same taxi as your girl. Some taxi drivers will have a nice little earner with the local police and flash their headlights to officers to let them know to stop your cab if you're two up. The police officer isn't interested in the paperwork of arresting you. He wants 200MAD to put in his pocket. Pay it. Theres no point in arguing at this point. So Pay 2 x 100MAD for two taxis or pay 100 for your taxi plus 200 to the police. Your choice?
  • Some guys on the street will claim to know all the girls and can "sort you out" a great girl for a fee. They dont and they cant! Any money you give him is wasted. Do your own leg work its cheaper and its easy. Similar to this are some guys trying to get you to rent appartments. Some of these are genuine but dont part with any money until you've seen the place and have the keys in your hand.
  • Girls, waiters, bouncers, guards, taxi drivers and cops all want to extract as much from you as possible. They know they have a desirable commodity in those brown lovelies and want to exploit that resource. Just think with your head and not with your dick!

Health and Safety

  • Many of the girls in Morocco will go bareback if offered enough money. Each to their own, if thats your kind of thing then dive right in. For the rest of us... protected sex is positively encouraged. If they aren't bothered then you definitely should be.
  • Condoms cannot be bought in supermarkets but are widely available in chemists. Some punters have reported that Moroccan condoms are smaller then european brands and are of a lesser quality (?). There is no restriction on taking condoms into Morocco from abroad so better to take your own supply.
  • Viagra or vitaros cannot be puchased in Morocco. Take a supply with you if needed. It is also advised unwrap them and to mix them in with a bottle of vitamins or other tablets to put in your luggage. There are no known restrictions on taking them with you to Morocco but some border guard might have them off you if he feels like it just because he can.

Where to go

There are so many reasons behind Morocco becoming popular as a sex tourist-spot. As sex related industries and services are so easily available around Morocco it is becoming more and more popular. The sex tourist industry of Morocco is not that expensive compared to other sex tourist hot spots. Escort services are being offered at a much lower rate than most other countries. Popular hotspots are located around popular tourist locations. You will find sex tourism services are widely available in cities like Marrakesh and Casablanca, but all cities around Morocco have many types of sex related services like escort services and many other sex tourist attractions. AVOID islamic festivals and holidays or you will be extremely disappointed. In 2017, the holy month of Ramadan is expected to start on 27 May and finish on 25 June.

Where to stay

Hotel or Appartment?

Being a Islamic country, Morocco and its culture create certain difficulties for punters and their favourite hobby. One of the greatest of these problems is that it is illegal for an unmarried /unrelated man and woman to share the same accomodations. This is the same for hotel rooms, villas, appartments, tents, back seat of the car or even that park bench! Don't panic!. Getting caught by the police will only in extreme cases end badly for the punter. Moroccan authorities are aware of the money that punting brings to the economy and are known to "tolerate" punting as long as you are discrete in your activities. A bribe of 200MAD is usually enough to make the officer smile and let you go on your way. So, what is the best type of accomodation?...

Hotels can lose their licence to trade if caught allowing unmarried couples to share rooms. This can be got around by either renting a second room in the hotel for your wg (expensive) or by giving a bribe to the on duty staff/security to smuggle your girl in. Some hotels will not allow wg's in full stop, so choose your hotel wisely. Maybe just book the hotel for your first night to give you a chance to scout out the scene?

Appartments are generally considered to be the better choice over a hotel room. Some appartments are said to be "wg friendly" and once rented they are yours to use as you please during your stay. However discretion is still needed. Nosey neighbours can still cause you problems and call the police if you attract too much attention with your comings and goings. Many appartments have a doorman/security guard. Some of these you can bribe, some of then you cant. Again try to find out if your appartment is wg friendly or has security before you book a long stay. Many punters find it easier to get wg friendly appartments once in Morocco by asking local contacts.

Riads are basically large town houses and are often inside the older city walls in most Moroccan cities. Riads generally have many bedrooms inside and cater for 8 to 20 (or even more) people at a time. Dont expect to have the whole place to yourself unless travelling with a large group of friends. Riads are mostly not suitable for punting because of their locations away from nightclubs, bars etc which are mostly in newer parts of town and because the owner and other non-punting travellers will object to your hobby. So Riads are probably not good for punting at all.


Introduction to 'Kesh'

Marrakesh is among the top destinations in Morocco for UK punters. Marakkesh is where every top shelf Moroccan beauties from all over Morocco go to offer P4 P, so the average level of beauty there is superior to Casablanca, and the number of them is much higher. This is because Marrakesh is the place most of the Gulf guys and European tourists like to go. P4P there is also more expensive than Casablanca as well. Head for the Gueliz area of town where the wg's can be found both night and day. The "golden mile" runs from Place 16 Novembre along Mohammed V Avenue as far as the Carre Eden shopping centre. A variety of cafe/restaurant establishments along this road all prove to be valuable places to meet.


Day time enjoyment can also be found in one of the many hamams where a variety of services can be had for a negotiated price. The following is a list of hamams found to offer extras...

Estheticism in Gueliz. Dont go too early. A dirty and small place, and the women aren't all that though plenty of mongers report good experiences too.

Sabrina. 4 or 5 girls I would gave a 6 or a 7/10. 500 dirhams each for hamman and massage. BBBJ was 200 dirhams.

Hana K - which is in Gueliz at Avenue Abdelkrim El Khattab. Good for extras.

Didi - Left on the main drag from jemma el fna - 1 HR massage is 200MAD extras are freely available but your only privacy are curtains so you have to be quiet (seriously?)

St Tropez spa - Round corner from H&M in Gueliz. 300 for 1 HR massage. 200 for good HJ.

Hanane has good looking young girls. Skinny and curves. FS offered 500MAD on top of 300 for massage. It's on rue Yugoslovie.

Iman Spa a few doors from McDonalds is also well worth a try.

Clubs & Bars

Girls will generally ask for 1000-1500MAD inside any club and sometimes much more, but you can get most of them down to about 700/800MAD. Whatever they ask for, they'll generally go for half. Students can earn 150MAD per week here, so this is more than what some people can expect to earn in a month. Never pay more than 1000MAD, there's really no need to as you can find very beautiful girls for this price. Some girls will go for as low as 400MAD, but generally not the type of girls you'll meet in the discos as they are used to getting more and by the time they've gone out and spent money on taxis and getting into the disco etc they've made an investment that they want to recover.

Earlier in the afternoon, from 6pm to 11pm you can go to Café Elite and Brasserie de Flores and a few other cafés around the pedestrianised area in Gueliz and you will find plenty of beautiful girls. Afternoon girls; Just walk around the Carré Eden, have a coffee at Starbucks, drink a coke at McDonalds, any eye contact means she is open. Just be discreet. Phone number on paper works really well here. You close the deal 500 dhs for a ST and she will follow you.

555 Club The girls are super cute, scoring 7+/10. Some of them wouldn't look a miss on a cat walk or glossy mag, although they tend to be the most miserable. Some ask for 4000MAD, (one even asked 5000MAD although she was unbelievably nice). Some were pretty stone cold and miserable.

African Chic is also pretty good, and it has the advantage of being very nearby to Gueliz and having free entry (other places charge 200MAD for entry including 1 drink). Good from midnight until 2am, some very pretty girls but be careful as most of them are theives (they'll scam you for drinks, refuse to give their number and perhaps either tip off the police or take your money and refuse to put out). This place is fun for warming up, having a drink and getting some numbers (those that aren't just scammers will give them to you) but extreme caution is advised.

Montecristo. Good from 11pm to 3am, free entry, very beautiful but expensive girls.

Theatro. The best disco, good from 1am to 5am, entrance 200MAD, free for girls on ladies night (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Silver. Smaller than Theatro and nearby, also 200MAD entry.

Paradise. Full of hard core pros, entrance 200-250MAD depending on day, don't go before 2:30am otherwise you'll be one of the only 3 people there (and the other two will be guys).



There are so many hotels in Marrakech with it being such a popular tourist destination. The choices are too wide and varied to list them all here, but below are a selection that might be worth trying depending on your tastes. As always in Morocco, it is against the law to share a room with a member of the opposite sex to whom you are not married so most hotels will not allow you to do so. Paying for a separate room for your girl is an expensive way around this problem and some hotel staff can of course be bribed but there are no guarantees when trying to use these methods.

  • 2ciels Boutique Hotel located in Gueliz district. Has a late night bar and some knockout ladies. If you want a quiet room then ask for a room overlooking the pool. (9.1 on and rooms from £67)
  • Radisson Blu Hotel is in Gueliz district and is located in the Carre Eden shopping centre building, the heart of punting land in kech. (9.0 on and rooms from £55)
  • Hotel Agdal also in Gueliz. A 3 star hotel. Door security can be bribed here or another room is affordable. Though probably not a proper european 3 stars. (5.9 on and rooms from £30)
  • Grand Hotel Tazi isnt the best hotel in Marrakech but knows the punting score and will rent you a cheap second room or you can pay the receptionist instead to turn a blind eye.


Best to message Airb&b owners and request information about "guests" and security to their appartments. Or try to find a local contact who you can trust. Once you find one treat them like gold dust.




Only some of hotels in Tangier have massage services. Often you go in, take a massage and then negotiate the price in the room. Girls will usually rub very close to your dick and give you the look. Usually they will only give you a HJ or BJ inside the Hamam. Just slip them your phone number and ask them to come for a visit after their shift. Good luck.

Clubs & Bars

Tangier has many many clubs and bars.Some close during the winter months. Most will have some wg's in them. Some of the better places to scout out are as follows...

555 - probably the number one punting scene in Tangier currently. This place is heaving with girls after midnight. Many 7+ out of 10. 200MAD entry includes your first drink, though you can get in free if you arrive early enough. '555' can be found toward the north end of the seafront area and holds up to 1500 people.

The Blue Rose complex also called the Loft Club consists of several areas including, a lounge bar, swimming pool and the nightclub. Very expensive and you might need to reserve a table to get in. Some of the best 9s and 10s can be found in here. Holds up to 2000 people and is said to be the largest club in Morocco.

Le cube club - another big nightclub. Much the same as 555. Drinks are pricey everywhere.

Le Snob - 1000 person capacity, again found on the seafront. Playing predominantly house music but it is open 7/7.




Best to message Airb&b owners and request information about "guests" and security to their appartments. Or try to find a local contact who you can trust. Once you find one treat them like gold dust.


Prostitutes are all around Agadir. You can start day time with the beach and beach boulevard. Many coffee places where you see local girls are "so called brothels". Those girls who are without an man and gives an eye are looking for company. Evening time all the bars and nightclubs which offers alcohol are filled with prostitutes. Overall wg's in Agadir are pleasant and you can have a lot of fun. The responsibility lies with you to make the apartment WG safe. Most apartments, you have to pay the security about 100MAD for the trip. If there is a guard then you pay that person too. Very few police around most of the time. Most women are in bars and clubs and they go to clubs around 1.00 AM. Heard about women being at McDonalds but must be later in the evening. Don't be afraid. It is a lot easier than a lot of many countries.


Hamams tend to 'service' a guy, especially when he is alone. Erotic washing and erotic massages with HJ is possible in several places in Agadir. Normal price is 100 dirham (10 Euro) for Hammam, massage costs 200 dirham. For 100-200 dirham you get an erotic wash, HJ is also most of the times 200 dirham.

  • Royal Mirage Agadir & Spa Hotel Oasis, Bd Mohamed 5 -B.P 339, Agadir 80000, MoroccoOpen till 20:0030 minute massage for 200 dh. If you ask a massage Sabrina (she is little bit overweight) for 200dh more, the girl should give you some extra services. 200dhs for HJ. Nadia does body 2 body massage for 300dh including a BJ. Hanane is a little young 22 years old lady who also gives extra. Some of the girls also offer anal. Leila at the Oasis is the prettiest and she provides the full service but only with protection, 300dh should make her happy. Fatima does CIM for 300dh.
  • Spa Hotel Tildi, Rue Hubert Giraud, Vile Nouvelle, Agadir 80000 (located a little further up the street from Oasis)HJ or BJ costs 300-400dh. One of the girls is very cute and maybe 20-25yo. FLORIN. I have been here few times. 250 for massage +250-300 sex (normal), one of them do anal. Asked the woman at the desk who would be massaging me, and she got the drift and went and got another masseuse.  Lots of rubbing during the massage. 300MAD for BBJ / HJ plus a little extra and fingering. Massage itself was 250 and not bad.Bring condoms with you, they don't have!
  • Palais des Roses, Secteur Touristique et Balneaire, Cite Founty, Agadir 80000, MoroccoThere is a massage spa in the hotel.
  • Oriental Massage Riad Assala, 20 Bloc 11,Rue de Marrakech-Agadir 80 000 Maroc, AGADIR (Tel: 028 84 75 89 )You can get a handjob and anal massage for 200dh.
  • Founty massage - Assia Spa, Residence khalij Annakhil 4 Founty Sonaba Agadir (Tel 0540057813)Extras cost around 300dh.
  • SPA by Terrake located at the end of the Marina, Spa tres chic. Cabins have showers and girl will wash you. Some of the masseus have short uniforms and pretty face. BJ is also offered.
  • Quant au Spa, Baie des Palmiers, Cité Founty P5, Secteur touristique, Agadir 80010, Morocco. Tel. +212 5288-49200 *Atlantic Park Royal Atlas, Avenue 20 AboutRelaxe Centre, a massage place on Rue de Fes, other side of the road from Auto Eca Leila. Normal massage 200dh per hour. BJ costs 300 extra but it's probably negotiable for 150dh.
  • Taghazout Top Massage – 2pm went in here for a massage and decided to go butt naked, the woman – pretty face but old and fat – started playing with my cock, one thing lead to another and I fucked her against the wall for 400dh all in.

Clubs & Bars

The scene starts in the afternoon with the cafés (from 5-9pm) , then the bars (11pm-2am) and finally the discos (1am-4am). It's best to avoid the main European holidays and peak periods, as at these times the prices go up very steeply due to supply and demand.

Actors -a sure thing after 1am but not the highest quality girls on offer. A few girls wanted 1000 MAD but these would have dropped to 700 MAD, one of them asked if I had apartment, else would take me to one foran extra 400 MAD. a terrible nightclub however it is the best place to get numbers and pick up girls.

Factory small but always people there after 1 am.

Papagayo don't go before midnight

So the disco at Sofitel.

Piano Bar closes early, like 1 am.

The English Pub - Nothing very English about it really. A fair few good looking girls. Well worth a punt around here if you don't want to wait for the clubs to open. Weeknights from 10pm is best. Girls tend to go here in groups, occasionally some hotties. "Never seen anyone I wanted to bang". 

Irish Pub - from 11pm. This is where WGs go before heading to the bigger clubs. Packed full of very rough girls, but occasionally some hotties too.



The Mabrouk hotel very cheap and cheerful just up from the English pub. From the airport its 220MAD and this price is fixed. Take a girl back here and you still have to book her a separate room but its a relative steal at just 200MAD extra.


Best to message Airb&b owners and request information about "guests" and security to their appartments. Or try to find a local contact who you can trust. Once you find one treat them like gold dust.

  • Go on and look for Agadir Marina Apartments then book directly with them. Also be upfront and tell them that you want to invite guests and they'll likely give you appartments nearer the entrance.
  • Down by the marina there two rental agencies that let out flats, some of the flats in the Marina are for rent and are in an excellent location.  Most have security so you will need to pay if you want to being a girl back from Skybar or elsewhere. Try and get a ground floor one with direct access, a friend lucked out and had one and it was easy to get in and out unlike mine on a higher floor.


Casablanca is one of the most popular sex tourist destinations around Morocco with its beautiful red-light district located around the Boulevard Hassan Seghir and Rue Mohammed Smiha. It is famous among all the sex tourists who come into Morocco. European, Arabian and African sex tourists visit Casablanca in order to have a jizztastic time.


SALIM Hotel. 37, rue El Araar (Bd 11 Janvier) , Casa. has a hamam in the basement where the gorgeous girls are more than happy to offer all the extras.

Try Ely Coiffure behind the Barcelo hotel - usually has around 5 to 10 girls to choose from. Not the cheapest but happy endings for an extra charge are assured.

Magic Smile is cheaper than Ely's but you get what you pay for. That said go earlier in the day and theres more choice to be had.

Clubs & Bars

There are p4p options in the hundreds every night of the week in Casa, especially at La Fleurs cafe and Pool Hall 28 or out at the Corniche in any bar especially Le Sky, Balcon 33 etc or try the Major hotels downtown. Expect to pay anything from 500 to 1000MAD depending on your tastes. Freebies aren't unheard of. Avoid wasting your time, energy and money between 9 and 11.30 pm. Sleep or go to some good restaurants. You can even have a good dinner at cabestan, Le Petit Rocher or go to Balcon 33, they have an impressive menu, open a bottle and spot the arriving girls.

Pool Hall 28 is 5 minutes walk from the Hyatt Hotel. It doesnt serve alcohol and there is a small entry fee. Not many europeans frequent the pool tables but it is a plave to find a decent selection of wg's ranging from 4's to 8/10. Open until 1 or 2am. Across the road from 28 is a bar owned by an English speaking European guy that serves booze and food until 1am. Plenty of wg's in here too but be prepared to pay more for the better looking girls found here. "PH 28 exists for mongering. There is no other purpose as far as I can tell. If you don't want to waste money on 150MAD beers and 200 MAD entry at the clubs you can find nice and reasonably priced trim at this place." Some very hot and some older and bigger models.

La Fleurs is a busy cafe from opening in the morning to midnight and girls come and go all day. The waiters are very friendly. Many of the working girls live far out of town and their taxis (the big white Mercs) drop them at the taxi stand just 300 m or so from La Fleurs. So some of the girls come into town early and sit at La Fleurs trying to pick up a 500 Dh or so short term client. They then use that money to go to the nightclubs in and around town like Jet 7 or the Caesars (Sheraton) or the Hyatt (Black Cat) where they try to leverage the ST money from La Fleurs into 1000-2000 Dhs and also get to drink, party and have a good time. 

The Sheraton has action in the lobby, sports bar and especially the nightclub called Caesars. The nightclub starts at 1 am, the sports bar around 11 pm and some of the girls here are "stunning". Very hot girls. Drinking is really expensive but the girls are top notch. You have to go after 1 am.

Calypso is well worth a try after 11pm. You'll find this small disco/bar along La Corniche. Most taxi drivers have heard of it and there are plenty of wg's in there most nights. This is the best place in my opinion. Very hot girls and huge selection. "In Calypso I saw the most beautiful bunch of Moroccan ladies of all my life (it was a group of 5-6 dancing on the dance floor). We asked just for fun, they asked 1200 dirhams."

Wanessa opposite Calypso on Corniche has some really top class girls but be warned they are there because the Arab men frequent this place. A place to try if you dont mind spending a bit extra and dont mind the North African and Arabian music. Can also be quite smokey due to all the shisha. But the ladies are fantastic.

Jet7, a resto pub few minutes walking from Places des Etats Units / Hyatt Regency hotel. Worth a try. Very sexy semi-pro and pros.

LE Buffet. is a run down two level "restaurant" that seems to exist for two things – drinking and picking up girls. The first floor is mostly guys eating tagine, kebabs and drinking Flag Speciale but the upstairs had probably 20 girls. Perhaps LE Buffet has replaced Café LE Fleur for the early pick up spot before the clubs open. Quality was variable but mostly in the 5-7 range on the ubiquitous attractiveness scale. Every female was looking for business.

Cintra. Sort of a rundown bar with a few girls.

Balcon 33 - more expensive but nice bar, with great selection of girls.

Anfa Ranch. Similar to Calypso but not as many hotties.

LE Sky Bar. Very expensive bar, top notch girls but very few to choose from.



The Hotel Transatlantique has hookers in their bar and disco and you can take them upstairs. The going bribe for security is 200MAD but if you stay there just ask the NIGHT GUY what you can do. The hotel is a great piece of architecture and has good size baths and good beds but is a little run down and noisy at night from the disco.


Best to message Airb&b owners and request information about "guests" and security to their appartments. Or try to find a local contact who you can trust. Once you find one treat them like gold dust.


Fes is not the easiest of locations in Morocco to monger. Try to find a "chambre the'haute" outside the city. You might have luck that the owner will close an eye. Even renting appartments which is a rather good alternative in other cities, is in Fez not straight forward. There are always guards. Try Meknes, which is not that far from Fez by car (BTW driving in Morocco outside Casablanca is very easy.) In Meknes, you sure find chambre the'haute in the medina where you can bring women.


Clubs & Bars

  • Café Victorine on F. A. R avenue in front of Banque Populaire (every taxi driver knows it).
  • The bar of Hotel Sofia can be found a few wg's. None of them are really attractive and the most attractive ones don't want to talk with foreigners. The girls will show interest for 800MAD, (they ask first for DRH 1500). 



  • Hotel Central, is the only hotel in Fes where prostitutes are accepted. The hotel charge DRH 200 (2 times the room rate of DRH 100).


Best to message Airb&b owners and request information about "guests" and security to their appartments. Or try to find a local contact who you can trust. Once you find one treat them like gold dust.

Other cities

If you're ever in Mohammedia try Big Bamboo on the main street near the train station. Big Bamboo had probably 10 girls and all were attractive. Also in Mohammedia is The Ranch, located next door to Restaurant du Park. Extremely hot women from around 2 am or the club attached to the Hotel Sabah. Mohammedia girls appear to be cheaper (400 to 800MAD all nighters) servicing mainly locals, and is well worth a punt if you ever find yourself in the area.

Rabat is often thought to be the hardest city in Morocco for a foreigner to find P4P maybe because the King lives there, and he doesn't want people to shit where he lives. If you know locals, especially wealthy ones, they could connect you to girls through their network. If not, your only safe bet is to go to some nightlife spot where you'll probably be greeted with a meager selection, and then be ready for a challenge as big as an escape from Alcatraz trying to escape the police, the nosy neighbors, and the paranoia that the girls will display.

Most P4P girls avoid Rabat, and go to other places especially Marrakesh, Agadir, Casablanca and Tangier. Rabat has some Hamams to try... like Salon Zara is fairly well known. 46 Bd Oqba, opposite the Cafe de Paris, first floor, down the hall, door on the left. Or try Nickel Spa. -73 rue sebou agdal RABAT.

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