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Often praised for its stylish interior and choice of attractive women. Has had mixed reviews, but remains popular due to the late opening times and reasonable prices.


  • 15 Minutes - £30
  • 30 Minutes - £45
  • 30 Minutes - £65
  • VIP room is £50 for basic 30 minutes.

The 15 minute service remains a popular option and some punters opt to see two girls back to back. The other prices are the going rate for the area.

Location and Parking

Paradise Club, Britannia Steel Works, Furnival Road, Sheffield, S4 7YA
Close to city centre and the quayside. It's basically in-between Holiday Inn and The Hilton. Reasonably discreet and hidden from a distance.


Standards have improved in this parlour over the years. It can be considered OK.

Common Criticisms

  • Large number of European and other foreign girls.
  • Some reviews have reported a negative, rushed service.
  • Large number of girls on the website, but do they all still work there?
  • Due to its late opening times and city centre location, some punters have seen drunken men in there late at night.

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