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BSS (Blair Street Sauna) 2016

Name Rating Author Date Review link Comments
Alexandra Positive longjohn63 18/03/16 Greek, big fake tits, some tattoos, big body but not fat.
Andrea Positive Santiago 02/02/16
Andrea Positive Marmalade 12/01/16 European, petite, probably early 20's, nice face, nice body, excellent manner
Anna Positive Alex Sam 16/11/16 Romanian, skinny, average looks
Bianca Positive ComeAgain 28/02/16 Claims Brazilian, reviewer suspects Caribbean.
Bianca Positive DickDiver 08/02/16 Brazilian
Bianca Positive well_ung 13/01/16 English, light brown skin, real nice boobs, body about size 6
Charlotte Negative You Only Live Once 18/08/16
Crystal Positive just14u 29/08/16
Crystal Positive JazzMan 16/04/16 EE girl, 5”0' size 8.
Crystal Positive longjohn63 03/03/16 Estonian, limited English
Coco Positive Marmalade 16/03/16 Tall, dark-skinned, speaks excellent English
Coco Positive CeeJay 13/01/16 Kenyan
Cynthia Positive longjohn63 11/05/16 Czech
Cynthia Positive well_ung 02/05/16 "Czech but speaks fluent Romanian"
Cynthia Positive willie loman 05/04/16 "Pleasant looking girl, early 20s, Czech, carrying a few extra pounds by the standard of blair s"
Daisy Positive Jabba the Slut 19/09/16 Blonde, big natural breasts, slight tummy.
Daisy Positive puntinho 04/01/16 blonde woman in her late 30's/early 40's
Diana Positive Duncan Maddick 06/10/16
Heidi Positive foreverchanges 17/05/16
Heidi Negative Third Man 21/10/16
Heidi Negative DickDiver 16/05/16
Jennifer Positive well_ung 04/08/16 Slovenian
Jessica Positive Duncan Maddick 21/09/16 Scottish, mid 30s, blonde, fake tits,
Julia Positive JedExodus 23/05/16
Julia Positive longjohn63 27/04/16 Latvian
Julia Positive chinafan 07/03/16 Girl said she's Lithuanian
Julia Negative Name Not Found 03/01/16
Kimberly Positive Smoked Salmon 30/09/16 Australian accent, curvy, good tits
Lauren Positive bigmike32 20/09/16 Scottish
Louisa Positive JazzMan 15/04/16 Italian
Louisa Positive nike 18/04/16 Italian, speaks good English with almost American accent
Louisa Positive Marmalade 14/04/16
Mary Positive Third Man 13/05/16
Mellisa Positive nike 14/09/16 Pretty face, c-cup breast, slight tummy, decent body
Sandy Positive Marmalade 24/02/16 Claims Bulgarian, good aptitude, petite
Sabrina Positive JazzMan 08/01/16 Spanish, Age about 19 yo

5’3” size 8.

Sarah Positive Rassilon 25/11/16
Sasha Positive longjohn63 05/07/16
Scarlett Negative Wonderwall88 21/10/16 Bulgarian, tattoos, Dark hair, small frame, curvy bum and Small tits.
Tiffany Negative Altobomgusto 11/07/16
Unknown Positive Nnbobof 22/11/16 No name, "girl with glasses"
Vivienne Positive Rassilon 25/01/16
Victoria Neutral willie loman 04/01/16 Claims to be Greek, she used to work in NTS as Georgina

NTS (New Town Sauna) 2016

Name Rating Author Date Review link Comments
Connie Positive scotsbigmac 27/05/16
Dionne Positive f_angel 13/07/16
Dionne Positive nike 30/05/16
Dionne Positive TKovac 20/05/16
Ellie Negative Sandman1874 01/03/16 Stretch marks, clock watching
Emma Positive weewilly 14/08/16 Claims to be French, reviewer thinks Eastern European, she speaks good English
Emma Positive Fifer79 12/06/16
Emma Positive bigmike32 07/06/16
Emma Positive nike 17/03/16 Claimed to be French, good English
Emma Neutral RogerXed 27/07/16
Kat Negative bigmike32 29/03/16
Lexie Positive Sandman1874 08/11/16
Lexie Positive TKovac 20/05/16
Lexie Positive kennyj 13/01/16
Lucy Positive bigmike32 10/02/16
Madelene Positive sorcerer1978 26/09/16
Mary Positive tojosmith 15/03/16
Paula Positive f_angel 13/07/16
Rachel Positive Jabba the Slut 19/06/16
Rachel Positive RogerXed 28/03/16 Scottish
Rachel Positive Largs43 17/01/16 "30s, has shoulder length blonde hair and a suntan. Medium build, good curves, smooth skin and blue eyes. About 5'5" tall"
Roxanna Positive nike 12/10/16
Roxanna Positive Largs43 26/09/16
Roxanna Neutral nike 27/09/16
Roxanna Neutral nike 28/03/16 Claims to be Hungarian
Roxanna Negative Largs43 03/05/16 Romanian
Rozie Positive RogerXed 08/08/16 Scottish readhead, not too tall girl, with big tits and cute face
Sarah Positive DickDiver 18/01/16
Sarah Positive Largs43 10/01/16 Lithuanian
Shia Positive salty28 24/08/16
Shia Positive Third Man 02/07/16
Shia Positive Fifer79 17/06/16
Shia Positive TKovac 20/05/16
Shia Positive 24/04/16 Scottish
Shia Positive 24/02/16
Shia Positive 10/02/16
Shia Positive 03/01/16
Shia Negative 13/07/16
Sonia/Sonya Positive 27/04/16 Girl says she's Slovenian, reviewer suspects she might be Romanian
Tina Positive 20/03/16 Originally from northern England with some west Indian roots. Previously at Scorpio
Unknown Neutral 28/10/16
Zoe Positive 13/07/16

LSS (London Street Sauna) 2016

Name Rating Author Date Review link Comments
Andrea Neutral 07/04/16 Romanian, reviewer had already seen her in BSS
Alina Neutral 22/05/16
Ariana Negative 28/04/16
Ariana Negative 19/04/16 "Romanian, 22, tall, skinny, very good looking" poor service, no doggy
Chelsea Positive 08/08/16
Chelsea Negative 07/11/16
Diane Neutral 15/06/16
Erica Positive 26/02/16 Redhead Spanish according to reviewer, poor English, late 20s/early 30s
Gloria Positive 21/02/16 Quote: "Nationality: Costa Rica (African)" ???
Jackie Positive 29/03/16
Jo Positive 12/03/16 "thai lady who is mature, she told me she was 52"
Kat Negative 01/08/16
Lily Neutral 06/06/16
Mia Positive 18/08/16
Mona Positive 07/04/16
Rebecca Negative 28/08/16
Samantha Positive 08/03/16 Scottish brunette, mid 30s. MENTION OF BAREBACK
Selena Positive 22/10/16 Scottish, brunette, small tits, nice ass, not very tall on her 30s
Selena Positive 11/06/16
Selena Positive 15/05/16
Vanessa Positive 11/03/16 Romanian

Carol's Sauna 2016

Name Rating Author Date Review link Comments
Hannah Neutral 24/11/16
Hannah Positive 03/11/16 "Good lookin girl , about 5'4 and size 10"
Kat Positive 18/06/16 "Kat is quite small, slim but busty , tanned, long black hair and I'd guess late 30s"

"She previously worked at Newtown"

Scorpio Sauna 2016

Name Rating Author Date Review link Comments
Amy Positive Wonderwall88 02/12/16 "Scottish, late 30s, curly hair and a lovely curvy figure"
Bella Positive 10/07/16 "Bella is a petite, pretty, early 20s Romanian (I think)"
Francesca Positive 01/08/16
Gemma Positive 19/03/16
Isabella Negative 14/09/16
Tiffany Positive 13/01/16 "Pleasant face, and figure, tanned, Scottish, sort of brides mother look, the type who humps the best man, in the toilets"


BSS (Blair Street Sauna) 2015

Name Rating Date Review link Comments
Andrea Positive 21/11/15 Claims to be Italian, probably Romanian, Young, 20ish, slim body, petite tits, good looking face
Andria Positive 29/12/15 Romanian
Emma Neutral 29/12/15
Julia Positive 15/09/15

NTS (New Town Sauna) 2015

Name Rating Date Review link Comments
Abigail Positive 04/11/15
Shia Positive 29/12/15

LSS (London Street Sauna) 2015

Name Rating Date Review link Comments