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Punting capital of the world?

Pattaya is a large beach city in Thailand. It is on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometres (62 mi) southeast of Bangkok. It is popular for its beaches, and for the escorts and night life on Walking Street and Soi 6. Other popular places are Soi Boomerang, Soi LK Metro and Treetown. One can get a taxi to Pattaya from Bangkok for about B1400 (£35).

It is relatively large and walking from the north to south can be 45 min+. The beach on the South side (looking SW) is called Jomtien.

Overview of venues

Pattaya has perhaps 1000 places where you can meet girls for sex. They roughly divide into these groups:

  • Girl bars. These are bars where you can meet girls, buy them drinks, and take them for Short term (ST) or Long term (LT). Some have rooms upstairs for ST.
  • Go go bars (a.k.a. Agogos). Like girls bars, but there is a pole dancing or exotic show. You can take girls to go gos - some like it.
  • Gentleman's Clubs. Tend to have a more laid back approach - older WGs although still some lookers - and typically less pressure to play the lady drink game. Many of the GCs have curtained off areas for sex or BJ for few hundred baht (maybe 1200 for sex) with escorts of your choosing. In many, you can have a blowjob on the couch with no curtain if you are not shy. Popular in daytime - as the rest of town is still quiet. And clearly if you have a LT girl with you, you won't take her in here.You can spot them since they are closed door for privacy. Note this web site is managed by the owner of the first 5 listed, but is pretty accurate on the others too.
  • Nightclubs. Full on, with more freelancers than bars. Some older punters avoid these.
  • Beach road at night. Street walkers. Not sleezy - some are girls who shift ended at bar.

Of course there is huge overlap, and each place may have its own quirks. And on top, there are massage parlours and soapies.

Threads about Pattaya on UKP


  • Soi 6: A crazy street of bars and Gogos on the northern end. Some are owned by Nightwish group, NWG. (e.g. Roxys, Eutopia, Playpen) A bit more pricy. Indies include Fire Bar and Red Point Bar. Smoke and Kisses. Almost like a FKK club in that you can take all girls to a room upstairs for ST sex. Only there are 1000 girls, rather than 50.
  • Soi 7, 8 & 13.1: beer bars.

These 5 streets are all near each other making up the central RLD.

  • LK Metro Alley :Kink, Queen Club, Fcuk bar, Paradise and 25 more.
  • Soi Buakhao. Lots of beer bars. Girls to pick up rather than GoGo where younger girls dance. Play Girlz. Red Hot and Blue (gents club)
  • Soi Honey: more beer bars.
  • Soi Chaiyapoon (aka Soi Pothole). Bars: Maggie May(GC), Buzzin (GC), Beyond, Backyard, Green Lantern, MILF bar.
  • Soi Boomerang. The gents club soi.

The main RLD on the South end

  • Walking Street. A street of bars, agogos and nightclubs with live music near the beach at the southern end of the city. Fahrenheit, Pin Up, Skyfall and of course Windmill. Lots of touts. Most touristy, most expensive (can be 2+ times Soi 6)- most expat punters avoid now. Worth a visit at least once...maybe only once.


  • Myth Night Bar Complex
  • Tree town - 50+ bars and restaraunts - not many gogos. Still, all the girls are available for take out!
  • Kink, as soon as you enter turn left and go up the stairs, don’t waste time downstairs. Soi LK Metro. Fully naked (fake) lesbian show.
  • Heaven above. As full on as Kink.
  • Angels. As soon as you go in, go up the stairs in the back. Full on.


  • Russian bars on Walking Street. Avoid. 5 times the price. And no ST or LT. Aimed at rich Japanese or Arabs?
  • Follow touts to a ping pong show. These will cost more than e.g. Windmill, with worse looking girls.


These are some places mentioned in UKP threads:

  • Hilton (not as punting friendly)
  • The Classroom Has its own resident escorts!
  • Just off Soi Buakhao ... Adelphi, Amber
  • Sandy Spring Very punting friendly - the doorman and front desk are helpful.


These are very fancy. Choose one of usually 30 to 60 girls from a 'fish bowl'. Then in a posh room upstairs, have body on body nuru, then full sex. Must try once.

  • Honey1 (central), Honey2: Soi 3 Beach Road, Honey 3: south end of Soi Buakhao. All similar but Honey 3 biggest (8 story hotel) and glossiest (would fit in Vegas)
  • Sabai Dees: Soi 2 Beach Road


Other Tips

  • Get a hotel with a balcony. Thai girls all smoke. You want them outside for it.
  • Only terrible wine is available in e.g. local 7/11. Find a wine shop.

Non Punting

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