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About The Phoenix Club

This is a sex party club. Once known has Lady Marmalade's Parties, it has been hosting sex parties in London since 2001 or so. It sometimes calls itself a swinger club, but this is a straight 8 man pay 4 women to fuck them for 2 hours in one room thrice daily event.

The Phoenix Club operates from a central London venue close to public transport. The parties, which are set to a fixed schedule from Monday to Saturdays, last two hours and plan for 4 working girls. If less than 8 men book, there may be 3 or fewer. The club states that they will accept male guests to a maximum ratio of 2:1. However since they run typically 17 parties a week, their scale may out do all other parties combined.

Attendance is strictly by prior telephone booking only.

Contact details

Bookings and enquiries 07748 903868


The Phoenix Club does not charge annual membership fee, instead club members are asked to share the cost of hosting of the events. Club parties are advertised with a contribution “cap” which is displayed on their schedule page. The Club operates a VIP scheme for those members who attend on a more regular basis.

Brief History

The Phoenix Club’s current management states on their website that they come from a “swinging background and with experience at hosting parties stretching back over 15 years”. They previously ran the successful Lady Marmalade Parties (LMP) who were highly regarded until their closure in November 2014. It was known as a sex parties club which required no membership from people wishing to attend their parties.

LMP’s parties usually had a minimum of 7 hostesses per party as opposed to 4 at The Phoenix Club.

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