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Phuket is a large island (48 km in length) in South Thailand off the west coast. It is a 90 min flight from Bangkok.

Patong refers to the beach and town on Phuket's west coast. It is the main tourist resort on the island of Phuket, and is the centre of Phuket's nightlife and shopping.

Bangla Road in Patong is the main action strip, filled with bars, pubs, gogo bars, nightclubs, shisha lounges. Phuket is very big, Phuket town itself is a proper city with plenty of massage shops/ bars all around. But for first visit Bangla Rd would suffice. Most gogo bars have girls dancing on the bars, and in theory are available for barfine. Then there are these other gogo bars - gentleman clubs like Harem, Suzy Wong, Nida and a couple of others that have full naked girls (Harem) topless (Suzy Wong). The are some of the prettiest girls of Bangla road. In theory they are also available to barfine, but their business model is more inclined to lap dancing (and its pretty fun on depending on the girl, hands everywhere, DFK). Just keep buying the ladydrinks

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