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A list of top excuses for a prossie not going ahead with the booking. It should be borne in mind, that occasionally these excuses can be genuine. This list informs punters of the most common ones so they can make an informed decision whether they are being bullshitted.

Excuses For Cancelling a Booking

  • Boyfriend turned up.
  • Land lord turned up.
  • Builders turned up.
  • Had to visit a sick kid in hospital.
  • Friend died.
  • Prossie was taken to hospital, medical emergency.
  • Car broke down.
  • Couldn't book a hotel in time for an incall.


My Land lord has to give 24 hours notice, don't know about anyone else's. Builders don't just turn up. These are crap excuses you were probably snubbed for a regular or a punter that chose to book a longer session. The illness and medical reasons are shit if the actually happened and the prossie deserves my sympathy, but they are hard to question and emotionally manipulative; if they are untrue, shame on the prossie! With the hotel and the car, perfect preparation prevents piss-poor performance.

Excuses For Not Being Ready or Late

  • Land lord turned up.
  • Friends came round for a coffee and they're still here.
  • Got stuck in traffic.


It is likely that there is still a punter there and she has gone overtime. Or she might be getting cleaned up after a session. In some early morning bookings the prossie might have just woken up. And in some cases of course, she could be travelling back from an outcall or her family home.

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