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Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany (after Berlin), as well as the overall 7th largest city and largest non-capital city in the European Union with a population of over 1.84 million. So the Birmingham of Germany.


The main Red Light District is the Reeperbahn (literally Rope walk) in St Pauli. Like the RLD in Amsterdam, most punters now say it is terrible having been ruined by over exposure and stag parties. But there is still some night life here including many Strip bars, Streetwalkers, Laufhaus (Eros Centre or Walk-ups), and Sex shops.

In the early 1960s, The Beatles (who had not yet become world-famous) played in several clubs around the Reeperbahn, including the Star Club, Grosse Freiheit 36, Kaiserkeller, Top Ten (Reeperbahn 136) and Indra.

  • There are three Eros centres / Walk ups on the Reeperbahn. One, Paradise Point of Sex has a Review. To the east is Pink Palace, and north from the Beatles statues is Paradise (on Großfreiheit). These are not a rip off per se, just ordinary: OW and sex 20 min for €50. Does what it says on the tin. Do not expect GFE.
  • On Herbertstraße, there are also Windows (like Amsterdam) and Street Walkers. Be very careful, the upselling is very high. 'She said 50, then asked for another 200 when we got inside'. Really, these are not Amsterdam windows, they are a rip off.
  • Secret Bar is a strip club on nearby Herbertstraße.
  • There are some 'lap dance' clubs on the Reeperbahn.Club d'Amore, RodeoBar, Blue Night and 2 more. These are not actually strip clubs, but are rip off places (in London we called them clip joints). They will charge €150 to buy a dancer a drink and then up-sell forever and never provide more than touching a tit. Avoid even more than Herbertstrasse.
  • The club Dollhouse on Großfreiheit is not a rip off, but not for everyone. It is a well run glossy club. Its main feature is table dance - the girls dance *on* the table not at the table. They have funny 'dollars' that you need to spend to touch the girls. So a dance costs €30 but you need €20 more to touch her 10 times. Still, better than Herbertstraße!
  • Spa Frivol is near the station (so 2km east of Reeperbahn). It is Gay/BI/TV/TS friendly, but straight guys are said to be welcome too. https://www.spafrivol.de/ Entry €35 midweek €40 Friday . They usually have a rota of girls which are included in price. There is no extra for sex.

Nearby FKK

  • Club Atmos. Site Grossmooring 1, 21079 Hamburg. Town Harburg. Thus 15km South of Hamburg. Review Review Some say 'Atmos for the ladies, Harmony for the facilites.' Opens 1PM.
  • FKK Babylon Site Süderstraße 236-238 20537 Hamburg. Thus 5km East of the Hbf (main Station). ReviewOpens at 5PM.
  • FKK Harmony. Site Ramelsloher Allee 120 21220 Seevetal. Thus 30km South of Hamburg. Review
  • FKK Romeo Site Brookkehre 3, 21029, Bergedorf. Thus 25km East of hbf. Opens 1PM. Review July 2022


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