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Brooke regularly tours, but is mainly based in hotels in London. She is said to speak with a "posh" accent. She doesn't see men under 25. She appears on the Prostitute Blacklist for threatening to lodge a police complaint after a punter tried to make a booking, the prostitute got annoyed because he text her multiple times after she asked him to make a phone call, everytime he tried her phone went to voicemail; a total over reaction by her. In 2014 she made malicious allegations about a punter being a barebacker on twitter after he put in a request for uniform services. Her profile has a long list of rules and judging by her neutral feedback, she often cancels bookings.

  • Age: Advertised as 24
  • Ethnicity: White British\Canadian
  • Height: 5' 9"
  • Dress Size: 8
  • Bust: 32C Natural
  • Hair: Brown, long
  • Tattoos: None?
  • Non-Ear Piercings: Navel.
  • Other Names: Brooke, Brooke B, XMissBrookeB, XXX ENGLISH BROOKE.

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