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A note for anyone browsing, warnings can now be found on UKP main site by searching the last part of the members SA number like this b6832fa0-722b-4f8f-80b9-abc7bcf2289a

Profile Name City Comments Date Added SA Profile link UKP link if avail
NaomiTaylor Liverpool Very Unstable needs prof help 2016-10-27
Sapphire-J & friend Birmingham Threatened underage sex blackmail 2016-10-27
Pricess NI Liverpool changed her name from namoiTaylor to Princess NI needs prof help very unstable 2016-10-27
Jessy x Liverpool reportedly had hotel booked and didnt show on purpose 2016-10-28
Lizzy_171 Manchester Picture seller, sends pestering messages suspected underage 2016-10-29
Baby_Blue_Bell Leeds Advance ticket scam, poss bonkers 2016-11-1
Divinechild Lambeth Says she has syphillis and uses class c on reg basis 2016-11-2
RosaliteDOM London Possible prossie 2016-11-4
RNaughty Zoe Bristol Picture seller 2016-11-4 N/A
emsss England Picture seller/ Money up front 2016-11-6
Gia-DX Pershore Suspected thief, constant new profiles 2016-11-7
Sexycaty Manchester Scams money up front, Liar 2016-11-16
Hannah- Newcastle upon tyne Very mentally unstable, manic depressive and a self harmer 2016-11-16
Unsure Kirkham/preston reported on AW as potential Sergei threatening outing and demanding cash 2016-11-23 only a tel number Im afraid 07840 773420
Lady_in_Blue Manchester Added UKP/SA member to sugarblacklist when he offered less than her requested fee of 2k 2016-11-25
M_XXX Birmingham Suspected thief new profile 2016-11-26
Taylor A96 Newcastle Doesnt show up 2016-11-30
SugargilrL2016 Newcastle Payment up front 2016-12-06
M_xxx Walsall Birmingham Took money in room, faked a call and dissappeared 2016-12-06
Bromleygirl Bromley Up front money 2016-12-12
sugersugerbabymaam Grimsby Pics of US Model 2016-12-13
Beckyboo123 London using pics of a US Twitter Bint and askin for train money 2016-12-20
Anabianca London Another one using some fecking Yank pics and askin for train money 2016-12-20
sweetheart759 London No Show after intitiating meet 2016-12-30
cheekychesca England England so fuck knows wants money for a train and when i said i will come to her she then wanted money for drinks etc 2017-01-03
ClassyJess016 Canary WHarf up front cash but not an escort 2017-01-03
BeckyS1234 Bromsgrove Thief previously reported 2017-01-11
dawnydo1 London Money Scammer, Fake pics 2017-01-12
Sugarsweet_19 Mile End London Money Scammer, and goes back on previous agreements 2017-01-13
lucyloo2907 Plymouth Money Scammer, and goes back on previous agreements 2017-01-13
Rozay Babey London Up Front Money Scammer 2017-01-13
No likey no bitey Preston Up Front Money Scammer 2017-01-13
Babydollyx Preston Didnt show up after advance payment poss working with above no likey no bitey 2017-01-15
XNegzx London Asks for money to her bank up front 2017-01-16
Susanna_Italia Tamworth Theif, been reported to Police and SA 2017-01-18
Harlsquinn12 Orlando FLorida Very believable up front money scammer, time waster, 2017-01-26
CuriousL1 Northampton Believed to be only 16 2017-01-27
Charlie-rose92 Docaster 10 out of 10 for bein a Cheeky Cow see thread ho ho 2017-01-27

Paleprincess19 Manchester Advance cash and blocks when challenged 2017-02-01
Jenny7088 Manchester Advance cash to prove your real £200 2017-02-02
Bellepix London Prude, Money up front 2017-02-02
Elinia2015 London 50% Money up front 2017-02-04
blondclass London Money up front ripped off pictures 2017-02-09
Shannon London?manchester Not an actual Rip OFF but she is actually in Manchester not London as advertised...maybe save you some time 2017-02-09
Wild106 Notingham Picture seller then asked for money up front to prove real 2017-02-09

Kimberlyleia London PM me £20 2017-02-14

Dioanne Nottingham Pics ripped from internet 2017-02-15
_Baby_xo Gloucester Time waster agreed hotel booking didnt show 2017-02-18
Lucy Lions London Advance payment required 2017-02-25
Doubledoctor London Advance payment required 2017-03-13
Milly22345 Warrington Advance payment required to prove genuine 2017-03-13
Xxpaigehallxx Windsor Advance payment required to prove genuine 2017-03-14

Niamh_21 Londo Advance train fair 2017-03-16
Rhian and lola Bristol Advance money Western Union Ha Ha 2017-03-20
Purplekiss21 Sheffield Advance money messages 2017-03-22
Lillyp1 Blackpool Advance money tried to out a member 2017-04-04
Magicat London Attempted blackmail once in hotel 2017-10-30