SeekingArrangement Warnings

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Profile Name City Comments Date Added SA Profile link UKP link if avail
NaomiTaylor Liverpool Very Unstable needs prof help 2016-10-27
Sapphire-J & friend Birmingham Threatened underage sex blackmail 2016-10-27
Pricess NI Liverpool changed her name from namoiTaylor to Princess NI needs prof help very unstable 2016-10-27
Jessy x Liverpool reportedly had hotel booked and didnt show on purpose 2016-10-28
Lizzy_171 Manchester Picture seller, sends pestering messages suspected underage 2016-10-29
Baby_Blue_Bell Leeds Advance ticket scam, poss bonkers 2016-11-1
Divinechild Lambeth Says she has syphillis and uses class c on reg basis 2016-11-2
RosaliteDOM London Possible prossie 2016-11-4
RNaughty Zoe Bristol Picture seller 2016-11-4 N/A
emsss England Picture seller/ Money up front 2016-11-6
Gia-DX Pershore Suspected thief, constant new profiles 2016-11-7
Sexycaty Manchester Scams money up front, Liar 2016-11-16
Hannah- Newcastle upon tyne Very mentally unstable, manic depressive and a self harmer 2016-11-16
Unsure Kirkham/preston reported on AW as potential Sergei threatening outing and demanding cash 2016-11-23 only a tel number Im afraid 07840 773420
Lady_in_Blue Manchester Added UKP/SA member to sugarblacklist when he offered less than her requested fee of 2k 2016-11-25
M_XXX Birmingham Suspected thief new profile 2016-11-26
Taylor A96 Newcastle Doesnt show up 2016-11-30
SugargilrL2016 Newcastle Payment up front 2016-12-06