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A US-based sugar baby and sugar daddy website.

Some tips on using the UKP SA thread *please read* it will save you time and hassle

Its a huge thread Read as much as you can you really will pick up most useful info from at least pages 200 to 400/500. Repetitive questions get short shrift. Pages 900-1200 is where most scams and people trying to be "outed are" and from then on SA changes to more lets say, "professional" girls & scammers appearing that dont tend to last long. DO NOT BE FOOLED, lots of girls on there are scammers/blackmailers and general bad uns. SA can cost you far more in time and yes, can also cost more in money than you may spend previously on punting, but the rewards can also be far higher than you may have experienced punting, though scammers and flakes are just as common, or even more so.

Access to the thread was by proof of membership of SA to Admin by sending a PM to admin to request access. but now is locked to current existing members as of Jan 19. see new rule here

Paying money up front It is not the thing to do as it leaves you wide open, same as advance travel fair, train tickets, rent due, needs to buy a new dress/underwear to look good, dogs needs a trim, yadda yadda, this WILL end in tears for most. IF YOU DON'T EVER pay up front or before any action, you cant be scammed (guys have been scammed many times this way). Show the money at point of meet , and leave in a neutral place is the general advice along with don't try and rip girls off and make a bad name for the rest of us.

Posting links of SA girls please add the location so members who are outside that area wont waste time following the link and potentially highlighting a spike in views for the girl/ e.g Maddison, Manchester, sometimes members post the link and it is to their "SA message inbox" please make sure your link has the "/member" part in it and not the "/message" part like the link above.

Asking for "rates" of SA girls asking members on the thread what they arrangements they paid etc is not generally replied to as much as in previous days, due to some idiots sending such info to girls about previous members "arrangements" so possible you wont get and answer if asked on the thread, possibly wise to keep that to PM.

Talking about other SDs Dont quote other members from here to Sbs, or even quoting UKP, this always ends badly and can result in a ban from here if malicious/selfish intent.

Finding info on UKP about SA Profiles It's easy, copy the last part of the profiles link e.g from link above would be 4f972cac-84f8-41f4-86a2-12bc89f4a and paste it into the search bar at the top of the screen, or you can also paste the full link including https etc, or you can also search the SBs, profile name.

SA Bannings Using escort terms and mentioning PPM or some sexual terminology WILL get you a ban from SA or at the very least an initial warning. Some members have had bannings for the most tedious of things, others have managed to write profiles saying explicit things in a round about way so as not to alert the "bots" see the thread for details.

Anonymous email address various can be used to get an instant email address for sign up. Try Mailinator / 15 minute mail or just google "1 time email addresses".

Is it worth paying for a premium membership? On the whole the opinion is yes, but a paying membership doesn't have to mean subscribing for more than 1 month, as you can unsubscribe at any time. If you look at the site, its for "Sugar Daddies" so most girls wouldn't pay as much attention to a guy that isn't "premium" versus a guy that is. And the cost if spread over the amount of girls you could potentially meet in a month Versus WGs rates is somewhat nominal by the time you have amassed as many numbers as you feel you need to. There is one over riding factor on SA, it is very time consuming.

Premium subscription prices can vary across paying on desktop and the app. Using prepaid credit cards for anonymity if required as SA have recently removed the option to pay via paypal. When you sign up without a subscription that you can only browse profiles - adding a photo to your non-premium profile allows 10 free messages but phone numbers are edited out of messages by seeking 'bots' and that you cannot read replies from girls so the 10 free messages are largely pointless.

A premium membership allows you to read and send messages as you would any dating site. 'fake profiles' (opinion varies on if they are rife on SA) can be quickly sussed and moving the conversation to whatsapp or kik (on your punting phone) is recommended.

Searching for profiles SA have withdrew (as of July 2018) the ability for non premium members to use the search by name or phrase facility. What has also changed is the ability for you to decide if SBs can see your profile when browsing, profile>settings.

Opinion of anonymous UKPunting member

SA can be a minefield and it can be a gold mine. Youve got girls on their way up to being a full time prossie and girls on their way down from having been a full time prossie THEN youve got the student/milfs/bored houswives in between. These are the aim for me.

It can be a real time consumer, constant back and forth with messages, contact, chat up lines, though many members say the thrill is in the chase, and though many leads end up dead, a lot DO re appear and chase you farther down the line.

I have had the best sex with SA compared to the AW route, with the hottest girls, where mostly, YOU decide how far to take it, and how long you want to see her for. You can get girls who get EAS quickly so watch out for that one, girls who are genuinely just after a good time, as often as poss for reward and as fluffy as it sounds, you can make some decent "friends" for the want of a better word. I have girls who I had great sex with years ago, who still now and then get in touch for advice or just a quick hello if they are in the area, coffee etc.

some of the things you can expect Ive had 40 Yo milfs, who were just bored for freebies (well a few drinks) Ive had the virginity of a 21 yo cutie who I seen for a year Ive had NO END of girls wanting money up front for a scam or pictures....very common be aware. Ive had the most beautiful black girl I have ever seen from UNI wanting the filthiest things in bed, or floor, or woods, or car he he. Every girl I meet seems to say about all young guys their age being complete assholes and lasting 10 mins in bed. Ive had my a girl in my car trying to kick my car to bits from the INSIDE ha ha, after a 3rd successful meet (crazy), Ive had 2 brothers turn up for 1 girl who tried ripping me off and I wouldnt allow it . Ive had girls from my various trips abroad lined up before getting there, who are happy to stay on the hook for when you go back And as I type this Im going for a platonic meet with the 21 yo virgin who I first met over 2 years ago (23 now) who i see at least twice a month just as mates to talk(no money obvs)

It is a mind fuck and time consuming if you let it be. It can work if you can spend time and a little patience on the site. Most guys pay a month the collect possible numbers and work through the for a while before going back on the site.

SA has changed dramatically over the years form ALL the girls wanting full time arrangements and monthly fee, to now MOST girls know the score and a quick way to make it pay on a PPM basis.

I still use AW for a quick good time so the 2 can run together. More and More AW girls (well known girls too) are appearing on SA. Overall Id say its worth a go, and it definitely boosted my ego.

Opinion of anonymous UKPunting member

Using seeking arrangement is not the same as straight up punting though there is some cross over and more than a few recognisable faces if you know your way round adultwork.

For the average working man with an other half SA is hard work. The situation is like a mix of online vanilla dating and adultwork. Often serious time has to be spent chatting to girls via text and phone to gain a rappor first before talking about mutual sexual desires (rather than a straight up likes and services list). And further to that most girls will expect to meet in a public setting first (maybe for a drink or food) before going somewhere more private - often in a hotel in your own personal cost. Lots of girls like to have a platonic first date before any fun to get a feel for you as well.

Having millions in the bank is not essential as many girls on there just appreciate someone with disposable income willing to spend that with and on them.

Allowances are generally only issued after you've consumated your relationship with a girl. Rates given out to girls vary regionally and from girl to girl, it depends on your negociating skills and sometimes your looks and charm. Be wary though the costs can rack up due to you often sorting travel, food, drink and hotel - not forgetting the allowance for the girl. But for that extra cost, you'll generally be spending far more time together so it can even out.

The experience can be far more rewarding than adultwork or general punting - the girls are generally less 'weathered' to sex work and you can have some great GFE. The younger girls on there are often not sexually experienced or have been used to younger wham bam types and appreciate an experienced lover (without sounding too fluffy) and taking a girl on a sexual journey can be great fun.

Opinion of anonymous UKPunting member

Pros and cons of SA (based on my experience of 4 paid monthly subscriptions in the past year).


In most cases the sex is better, whether GFE or sub/dom Longer meets generally works out a lot cheaper than with a WG, particularly overnights Doesn't feel like seeing a sex worker, more like dating with a decent chance of bedding the girl if you get on well and can agree on the right figure As with meeting a WG, there are some absolute stunners who are happy to drop their knickers. I have recently seen an ex-glamour model twice Can develop really good friendships with a sexual side Some of us have been fortunate enough to hook up with girls for no payment


It's a numbers game, so don't expect a high amount of girls to respond to your messages. I think I had something like 75% of girls NOT responding to my initial messages As another SA member says, be prepared to invest an awful lot of time and effort messaging girls on the site, whatsapp, kik, phone calls etc Some girls are just delusional in terms of what they expect regardless how ugly or gorgeous they are A lot of us have experienced no-shows It can be very expensive if you factor in hotel costs, wining, dining, travel fees plus the 'allowance' A fair number of profiles are not offering sex but are selling online relationships, pictures, videos, payment for social meets, etc Worst of all, there are convincing scammers. Some guys have had to call in the police when money has been stolen EAS can develop on either side, but fine if you both want it to happen and you can fuck for free Most girls don't bother with contraception Some girls don't have great bedroom skills

If you are prepared to work around all this and have the time, effort and money, it is by far a much better experience than meeting a girl from AW.

Opinion of anonymous UKPunting member

I would just add the warning that occasionally girls go on there and are under-age. Having had the police knock on my door and escort me from my house in front of my wife and child, due to a 15 year old I met, I know that side of it very well.

I'll add that luckily I had evidence that nothing happened between us, although that was the first point I was aware of her age (I had texts saying that I wanted to see her passport nad another at a later point saying I didn't feel it was right so nothing was going to happen between us, for example) and somehow I saved my marriage.