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As well as moderators (who can edit and delete posts, etc), there are helpers on UKP who can do several small but helpful things:

  • Correct post titles
  • Move posts to a correct board.
  • Index post (so we can 'count' the total number of reviews)
  • Correct Rating

Who are the helpers

  • If you are a helper, if you click on your profile page, It will say Forum Helper under your name.
  • There will also be a new menu at the top helper. There are a few areas to help in this area.


Correct post titles

  • As with all things with being a helper 'less is more' - meaning change the title as little as possible.
  • If it is a review, add the escorts name if it is missing.
  • If it is a review, add the location of the punt if it is missing
  • Don't remove things. If you really think it needs broader changes, don't do it yourself - just report it.
  • Exception is if the poster wants to change the title and the change is logical.

Move to a correct board

  • If things are on a regional board, and you are really sure they are general interest, it can be OK to move it. Cautious here - some of the regional boards have a banter going and the poster really may want it on the regional board.
  • If things are on the genearl board, but are very specific (e.g. 'What is a good agency in Nottingham?') then it is better on the regional board.
  • Reviews should be on the regional review board where the punt took place. If it is posted in error, move it. But use common sense - if the punter has a good reason to post where he did then best to leave it. While the 'legal' boundaries are clear, some places in one region may get most of the punters from another (e.g Stoke on Trent, West London that is part of SE).

Index posts

  • Only works today with AW girls.
  • The point of indexing posts is to count the reviews not to add hyper link. The AW link itself adds hyper link.
  • One punt = one index.
  • If it is a duo, they each get an index.
  • Do not link girls who the punter saw in the flat, or other girls she resembles, or other girls mentioned by responders.
  • If she has a new name, best practice to index once. Mention her old name in comment. Or else the counting does not work. Why? If she has 10 positives with her old name, and ten with her new name. She has 20 positives. But if half of her new name reviews are then also linked to her old name, it looks like she has 25 positive. Defeats the purpose.
  • Take particular care of parties. The party (if they have AW page ) gets an index. So do escort there (with known AW page) if the punter punted them and it was positive. But don't give every girl there a positive if there is no evidence. When in doubt don't index (or ask someone).

Correct Rating

  • Only do this if you are certain it is the punters choice.
  • Usually this is when the punter asks it to be changed.
  • It could be something obvious like it says neutral or negative in the text so it is certain.
  • But otherwise, wait until the punters agrees. Example: he may describe a Bait and Switch. Which you think should be negative. Result: don't change. Because it is his review, not yours. When in doubt, leave it or report it.
  • Links with this guidance: First Second

Categorise a Thread

  • Most threads don't need to be categorised.
  • If it is about Massage, Sugar Daddy / Sugar Baby or Transsexuals, then a category can be added.
  • This is normally done be the author.
  • If was missed out, at the bottom of the thread there is a little box. Choose the right one.
  • No you can't choose all three. Who gets just a massage from their TGirl Sugar Baby?



  • Can index reviews.
  • Can categorise topics.
  • Can move topics to different sections.
  • Can edit topic subjects.
  • Can edit review ratings when original poster requests it.
  • Can view the logs which show who and why a change was done by helpers.


  • Can view IP history.
  • Can ban / unban accounts.
  • Can delete posts / topics.
  • Can lock / unlock topics.
  • Can approve / delete posts requiring approval.
  • Can view post reports.
  • Can access the new private Moderators forum and Deleted Posts section.
  • Cannot do anything not listed above.

To help with transparency and accountability, all changes are logged and technically reversible by Admin / Owner (including post deletions).

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