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UK Punting is UK's number 1 paid sex review and discussion site. It is a free, independent and not-for-profit site created on 16-August-2010 by sex buyers.

UKPunting puts the interests of punters (sex buyers) first. The site serves as a platform to help punters exchange info and make more informed decisions about the purchase of sexual services. The site is totally independent (from service providers) with no vested interests. The site does not generate any income and runs at a loss, covered by the site owner. The site does not take donations.

The site owner (single male person) is not involved in prostitution in any way except as a purchaser of sex while residing in the UK. The site owner does not gain from prostitution in any way, monetary or otherwise, from the site or any other site, online or offline. The site owner also owns the site The mission of is to give unlimited free advertising and also act as a chat platform for both sex buyers and sex workers. The two sites missions and purpose are different yet both are 100% free. UKPunting is run for the benefit of punters, is run for the benefit of both punters and service providers.