Western European Girls

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General Observations about Western European escorts

French Girls

  1. Uncommon, but not rare in big cities. Very difficult to find in small or medium sized towns.
  2. Prices are usually on par with British girls.
  3. Often have brown hair and brown or green eyes. Height wise on par with British women. Dress sizes are usually slightly smaller than British women with 10-12 being about average. Often attractive, but rarely stunning.
  4. Usually well-educated and good conversationalists.

German Girls

  1. They usually speak good English and are well-educated.
  2. Hard to find, especially outside London. This could be due to Germany being an affluent country.
  3. As expected they usually have Aryan good-looks consisting of blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Often a 7+ out of 10. Arguably not as attractive on average as their Polish or Baltic rivals.
  4. Usually offer a good service with kissing available. OWO varies.

Italian Girls

  1. As you would expect: heavily tanned skin, dark eyes and dark hair with an appealing accent. Very few stunning women, but most are above average.
  2. Prices vary wildly, usually cheaper than British girls, but more expensive than Polish, Hungarian etc.
  3. Usually speak fair English.
  4. Beware of Romani gypsies pretending to be Italian.