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Big titted British escort. She was previously known as Tattooedruby. She has tattoos over most of her body, but chooses to airbrush them out in her pictures, which is misleading. It's been suggested she might be a few dress sizes bigger than advertised as well. Often works with Angelwings84 or Victoria as a duo.

  • Age: Early 30's (advertised as 26)
  • Ethnicity: White British
  • Height: 5' 4"
  • Dress Size: 12-14
  • Bust: 32H Natural
  • Hair: Brown Long
  • Eye Colour: Brown
  • Tattoos: Heavily Tattooed. Very large tattoo on her chest, possibly others. (airbrushed out in pictures).
  • Non-Ear Piercings: Unknown
  • Other Names: Kendall, Tattooed Ruby, Tattooedruby, Ruby.

Restrictions on Profile

  • She only sees men over 30 years old and under 70.
  • She won't see men if there is a "language barrier".
  • She has listed she won't see men that are drunk or on drugs.

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