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30 Shepherd Market is located next door to a restaurant called Ferdi. It is a ten minute walk from Green Park underground station.

The building is comprised of a lower floor and upper floor flat, each with different models available.

Current Models

Name NAT Looks Services
Age Height Size Hair Col Hair Len Hair Sty Eye Col Skin Body Bust Bum Description Other Loc Additional Other Notes
Nikki LTU Blonde Petite speaks good English

Former Models


Nationality: English
Looks: Around 23-26 years old, average/slim shape, smallish breasts, about 5'5", brown hair
Now Works at: 70A Berwick Street (LF) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11am-9pm
Twitter: @SohoScarlett https://mobile.twitter.com/sohoscarlett?lang=en

Current Rota

Floor Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
UF Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki Nikki

A Thai lady works on the lower floor flat.

Past Rota


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