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A Soho Walk Up is usually a very small a flat with a single prostitute working there. She will have a maid as a companion, usually an older lady. When they are working the walk-up front door will be open and a little notice saying “model” or something similar will be clearly on display. Due to a recent clampdown from Westminster Council prostitutes are no longer allowed to display signs with the names of the prostitutes working in the flats. For a sample of what some signs used to look like see below (external links).

There are usually two flats in every walk-up. You knock on the door, the maid will let you in or, if the girl is busy, ask you if you want to wait. If you decide to wait, you will probably be told that you won't have to wait more than 5 minutes. In reality, you will wait a lot longer. If there is another punter waiting already you will be told to return later.

Once in the flat, the prostitute will come and greet you and will ask you what service you want - they usually have a menu on a wall with prices (see sample price list below).

With very few exceptions, most prostitutes in Soho will only offer safe sex. Some girls may offer OWO for extra cash and even anal sex but they are very few.

If you don't fancy the prostitute and feel like you don't want to go ahead with the punt excuse yourself politely and leave. Most girls are used to this and very few will mind. You can pretend you were looking for someone else (girls work different shifts).

As quite a lot of the walk ups are in clear public view (some near pubs and shops) if you are a shy punter you maybe concerned about being spotted... don’t be. As any Londoner will know most people don't really take notice or care about other people's business. Most likely you will be ignored.

If you do fancy the girl then agree what services you want from her and hand over the money. You will be asked to give a £2 tip for the maid.

Some walk-up flats can be a bit seedy but there are some that are well looked after and nearly always have good girls.

Typical Price List of Soho walk ups

The prices and services are fixed throughout the walk ups in Soho.

Tip for maid £2
10 minute service
Straight sex £20
Sex & Oral £30
Sex & Positions £30
Sex & Full Strip £30
Sex & Vibrator £35
Hand relief £20
Water Sports £35
Spanking (giving) £30
Services that include some of the extras from the list above
20 minutes £65
Dream time £55
30 minutes £65
40 minutes £85
1 hour £130


There are touts and scammers operating in the Soho area. Not many but it's good to be aware of the pitfalls. If you are approached in the street by someone offering to take you to a flat where there are "very good girls"... don't! What they will do is ask you for payment upfront before they take you to the prostitute's flat or they may actually take you to a walk up and ask you payment for the "service".

Please be aware that these touts/scammers have no connection to the prostitutes in the walk ups. As you visit the walk ups you will see notices warning punters not to hand over any money on the stairs to anyone.

List of London Walk ups

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