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A Very British Brothel is a documentary that was broadcast on Channel 4 television in the UK. The documentary was about City Sauna in Sheffield.

2015 documentary

The first episode was broadcast on August 3rd 2015. It was a "day in the life" of the parlour focusing on the owners.

Common criticisms from a punter's perspective

  • Some people complained about unattractive women being featured. This criticism was not just from punters, but also from the public on news and television websites.
  • George McCoy of McCoy's Guide fame coincidentally turned up, which lead to allegations of the filmmakers so being desperate to feature punters that they resorted to staging events.
  • Escort and campaigner Laura Lee travelled from Scotland to appear in this documentary. A desperate attempt at self-publicity.

2017 documentary

A follow-up was broadcast on January 4th 2017. This featured more appearances from the working girls. It also featured a ludicrous sub-plot of the owners trying to run a mobile brothel from a camper van.

After the documentary

  • Kirie a notorious barebacker featured in the documentary. It is unclear as to why City chose to employ someone synonymous with bareback gangbangs. She no longer works there or appears on the rota. This may have been a one-off for the documentary.
  • Sister parlour Dollys closed. This was due to planning restraints due to it being too close to a new residential build. The timing is very suspicious though.
  • A local press campaign lead to the police flexing their muscle in the area.
  • Many escorts working there were removed from the rota. Some popular escorts even quit to work elsewhere or become independent. It's unclear as to the reasons why, but the added exposure can't have helped.
  • The mobile brothel is no longer there. Many have suggested it was an attempt to create a humorous scenario and was totally staged. The legality of a mobile brothel is contestable.

Positive outcomes

  • The 2015 documentary received over 2 million viewers and mainly positive reviews from the press.
  • The self-publicity may have lead to an increase in business, but this is unverifiable.
  • Many people found the documentary funny and entertaining.

Escorts featured in the documentaries

  • Crossgates Susan - 2017 documentary
  • Jo - Both documentaries, but only briefly in 2015 one.
  • Kirie - 2017 documentary
  • Layla (ex-Fantasia) - 2015 documentary
  • Laura Lee - 2015 documentary
  • Lilly - 2017 documentary

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