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As of January 2017 the parlour is permenantley closed, after complaints and licensing regulation breaches due to it being too close to a new residential build. Dolly's was a refurbishment and re-branding of defunct parlour Lizzy's. This parlour opened in September 2015. It was managed by the owners of City Sauna.


Rates were said to be the same as City Sauna.

Location and Parking

Previously based at: 152 Infirmary Rd, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S6 3DH


This parlour never really built up a reputation good or bad. It was not considered a must visit by most punters. It received some average reviews on other sites.

Common Criticisms

  • The parlour shared its WGs with City Sauna, so there was not much choice in terms of new girls.
  • It was close to a rough estate (Upperthorpe).
  • No dedicated website was used.


Dolly's used City Sauna's website, with a blog entry on the main page describing the parlour. This meant there were no rotas or pictures of Dolly's exclusive girls. As of January 2017 all details and references to Dolly's were removed from City Sauna's website.

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