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Incalls (Adultwork Vs Type A agencies)



Each punter has a different set of criteria about their decision making and what they consider to be value for money. Some care little about the premises and location, some care more. Some don't care about conveyor belt practices and baby wipe hygiene, some do. Some are not fussy about looks, some are. Some think £150ph is too much, others think it’s perfectly fine. Some don’t give a shit about anal sex, for others it’s a must. Some don't like to wait, some don't mind, etc, etc.

Price Comparison

On Adultwork (AW), London lists, the majority of girls have a price of less than £150ph. More specifically if we consider all active London profiles which at least have a verification picture (not necessarily fully verified) the price distribution is as follows: <£90: 22.5% ; £90-£150: 68% ; >£150: 9.5%. For type A agency girls the minimum fee is £150ph. About 40% of the girls listed in most type A agencies (excluding the ‘elite’ ones who are taking the piss and ask £500ph+) are priced £150ph. About 60% are priced up to £200ph (i.e. 150, 180 or 200). The other 40% is £250 or higher.


Surely by sheer price comparison agency girls appear to be bad value for money and in many cases they indeed are. The obvious logical reasoning is that independent girls are better VFM because you are bypassing the intermediary. Indeed if you are talking about the same WG this is absolutely correct. However as most agency girls do not work in parallel as independents we are comparing two different sets of girls especially when it comes to secondary aspects like premises, location, availability, English skills, hygiene, etc. Agencies will basically multiply the demanded by the girl hourly fee by 1.333, 1.5 or by 1.6667. Now in the lower price cases in the hypothetical case an agency girl chooses to work in parallel as independent she will most likely ask more than what she would have taken from agencies or even the same fee as on agencies. For example an £150ph agency girl will most likely charge £130ph as independent while on agencies she accepts to take 'only' £100ph. On agencies they 'undersell' themselves in exchange of not having to deal with all the time wasting communication as well as getting richer/newbier/fluffier clientele that is easier work. So sometimes the overall price of an agency girl (i.e. the price that the punter has to pay) may be quite fair and competitive when compared with the market of independent girls.

Generally experience shows that type A agency girls priced in the £150-£200ph region (and especially those priced exactly £150ph) in a fair amount of cases (like 25-30%) the overall price paid is reasonable if you consider the package of looks, service delivery, location and premises. On the other hand the vast majority of agency girls priced over £200ph (i.e. £250 or higher) are severely overpriced and are not worth the entire amount of money spent on them (their true value is £150-£200 and actually when such £200+ agency girls work as independents their price is in this range).

In any case even for the best VFM agency punts although you may leave happy and feeling it was money well spent, you will never feel that you got a bargain. On AW on the other hand you can find low priced (e.g. £90ph) gems – TRUE gems with no caveats at all – i.e. gorgeous looking, working from a good central London hotel, excellent hygiene/taking showers in between meetings, excellent service, no restriction in cum times, etc. Unfortunately, this is an extremely rare phenomenon though. Also once this elusive £90 total gem is discovered and becomes popular more often than not a few negatives make their appearance.

The existence of low priced gems on AW is a by-product of the fact that in London there is saturation in the escort market with more and more girls entering every day. The very same saturation is also a curse. Perhaps it is best to look at the number of AW recommendations on various relevant threads. How many recommended active AW London incall girls with a price lower than £150ph do you think you can find or possibly list at most? The answer is … Certainly not many compared to the THOUSANDS of profiles. Comparing all agency girls with just the top London AW VFM girls, one gets a false picture about the real state of AW girls. Yes, perhaps 95% of agency girls are inferior to the AW top 1% but 90% of all AW girls are much much much worse. As such you have to search through a lot of shit. But here is EXACTLY why UKPunting is such a useful source of information.

Expensive agencies

It is true that a fair proportion of punters relate the maximum they are willing to pay for a certain girl with the physical appearance i.e. provided the service is decent they are willing to pay up to £xxxph for a supermodel and £yy for a plain Jane (nb. with poor service they are willing to pay nothing obviously). Knowing this agencies always use professionally taken photoshoped pictures. Such pictures are often misleading but some of the more expensive 'elite' agencies employ true photomodels who are indeed very stunning. However they typically charge £500-£1000ph which is piss taking of course. To make matters even worse usually photomodels who escort for such high prices are shit service providers– although not having a bad attitude they are offering a very limited service (typically all covered and cum once per hour). Their clientele comprises of rich fluffies and/or newbies and they get away with it. Related to this is that many richer punters think that by paying more they get better "exclusivity/availability". This IS true up to a certain point - certainly a well-known £80ph girl will be fully busy and shag many guys per day but you don't need to go too high to start seeing better availability/exclusivity: at the £130-180ph range most girls are VERY available....certainly no need to go to £500ph just for better availability. Anyway despite what we say here there will always be guys who think in the stupid way that by paying £500-1000ph will get something unique and exclusive. Prossies do laugh at them behind their back and it is not a coincidence that they say: "Prostitution is the only job where the less you work the more you can charge"...


Booking girls using agencies does have its merits. A receptionist will always answer, plenty of girls are available and you can arrange a punt at short notice. The main caveat with “type A” agencies is that you don't speak to the girl prior to the meeting to discuss/confirm services. Therefore it is likely caveats such as no proper French kissing, cum once per hour policies, no OWO/CIM etc to crop up. So make sure that you confirm services with the girl when you meet her before paying - a practice that is essential to be exercised anyway.

Now with independent girls the comms are not always smooth especially if they are popular. Also not any girl advertising on Adultwork is necessarily independent simply because they display an individual phone number where you can call and because they are not distinctly listed as belonging to a group/agency. More often than not Adultwork girls (especially EE ones) are having pimps who provide the premises and there is also a female receptionist that handles the calls. The receptionist answers and pretends to be the girl you called and 'confirms' services although it may all be lies and the service to be declined by the WG when you meet her. So you are back to square 1 where you always have to confirm services on the spot.
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Outcalls (Adultwork Vs Type B&C agencies)

For outcalls most often the best VFM girls are the “outcall-only” girls. That is because albeit a large proportion of all escorts offer both incalls and outcalls, their outcall rates are usually at least £40-£50 per hour higher than their incall rate because according to the prossie logic the outcall fee should not be just the incall rate + travel expenses, but instead it should also include what they would have earned through incalls during their travelling time.

Here is a list of independent "outcall only" girls on Adultwork - such girls outside Adultwork (AW) are non-existent. But even Adultwork is a relatively poor source of good VFM “outcall-only” girls. In London there are in total no more than 100 AW “outcall only” girls from which only 30-40 can be considered as good VFM for their looks (i.e. young, slim and pretty). On top of that many AW “outcall-only” girls don’t display phone numbers – so it’s hard to arrange a same day meeting (or a plan B outcall) with them. They also mostly work part time so they either don't bother to reply emails or give very delayed responses. Some also tend to “screen” you by your feedback score, e.g. 3 +ve minimum required which is something that punters as buyers should not support as they should not need a recommendation from another prostitute in order to book a prostitute.

“Outcall-only” agencies are a larger and also cheaper source of “outcall-only” girls than Adultwork with a combined total of more than 120 genuine girls priced up to £120 per hour and of whom half are very good VFM regarding looks. Also with type B agencies you will get a phone call from the girl to discuss services before you confirm the booking with her. Yet again service delivery and the lack of reliable feedback about these girls is an issue and things like clockwatching and timewasting techniques are common. It is generally a minefield but if you are "brave" enough you will discover a few rare gems (particularly very beautiful English girls) working with “Type B” and “Type C” agencies. So it is worth taking the risk once in a while.
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