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An Agency is run by a pimp who, by taking a cut of an Escort's fees, agreed or not, is controlling prostitutes for gain, which is illegal. Neither the escorts or punters are breaking the law unless the escort was underage or being coerced. Note that many agencies set up legal arrangement to seemingly get around this. But there are examples where these have not work in court

A pimp can run an Agency from virtually anywhere. All they need is a computer and a mobile. They don't need expensive offices or indeed any business premises if the the escorts have to supply the premises. If the Agency does provide premises, then the pimp is also running a brothel, also illegal (for them).

Agencies offer a punter no more protection from a bad punt than any other form of punting. Just because they call themselves an Agency and have glossy pictures on their site doesn't mean the escorts featured exist or offer a good service. The only way of finding this out is by asking punters you find credible. Agency reviews can't just be blindly believed as the pimp could have posted the reviews themselves. UKP is the only reliable place to check out reviews.

Don't place your trust in an Agency just because their site looks professional. All that shows is that the pimp, or someone they know, can put a nice site online.

In London, Agency prices start from about £150 an hour. Links to pages below provide specifics. The benefit? They might have a number of escorts on offer, so within one phone call a punt is sorted. Many are open 24/7. Together this can make booking easy. For some punters they can build up some trust with the pimp. Lastly, if things go wrong, the agency may provide a refund, or an alternate escort.

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General types

In London there are several types of agencies.


Firstly, there are mainstream in-call agencies. These are agencies with primarily non-exclusive genuine escorts offering both incalls and outcalls. The page on this wiki has 95 agencies of this type. Note the in-call sites are generally NOT owned or managed by these agencies. There are a variety of different types of agency in this category:

Mainly Asian agencies promoting girls from the Far East, pricing tends to be £150 per hour, sites include 007 and Olina.

Mainly EE agencies featuring Russian, Polish, Baltic States, Hungarian and Romanian girls like Hot Collection, Admiral, Abby69, Babylon Girls, Diva, Top Secret. Many punters believe that these escorts are recruited in their homeland and brought to the UK by pimps then promoted by the pimp to the various agencies who act as an advertising platform to the end user. When a punter calls or texts an agency to book a girl the agency receptionist will often have to liaise with the pimp to book the girl. In effect the girl is paying two "bosses" as well as accommodation costs, so a £150 agency girl is netting a relatively low hourly rate. By the same token price does not necessarily have a direct correlation to quality of looks, attitude or service, the sweet spot for this rare combination is £180 - £200 per hour, Occasionally an exceptional girl emerges at £250 but spending any more is a risk, £300 to £600 an hour girls are unlikely to be better in any aspect than other girls.

Mainly British agencies: there are very few agencies, like Maxes Angels and Hamiltons with exclusive girls and these girls historically were typically British, both the exclusivity and nationality have been eroded in recent times although prices are typically higher than the EE agencies.

"Exclusive" or "model" type agencies like Sugarbabesinternationsal, featuring a range of girls from typical non exclusive EE girls to porn stars at £800 to £POA. These agencies are very expensive for what you get and the porn stars who advertise here often have AW profiles at a fraction of the price. Beware sites in this category like Mayfair Girls who charge £600 for girls, three times market rate. Warning: if you want to meet a model who escorts you need to go to model parties or mix in the right circles because they are very few and far between.

The pictures used by these agency girls are photoshopped but may otherwise be genuine. They could range from ten years ago on a very good day to pretty accurate. These agency girls are just advertising on these agencies, getting work from them but most don't exclusively belong to a single agency. Exclusive or not most of these girls live in their own premises (sometimes the premises are provided/facilitated by one of the agencies). A number of friendly landlords rent out working flats to pimps, agencies and girls and there are many premises around London which have been used by working girls for many years.

Outcall only

The next type are “outcall only” agencies and most of them do have exclusive escorts. Some are legitimate, with only genuine profiles advertised while others are less so. These others have only have 5-10 genuine escort profiles, but advertise 30 or more different profiles. Obviously these extra 20-25 profiles are fake (nb. they can be easily spotted through GRIS=Google Reverse Image Search) and of course if you request a girl of a fake profile it will result to Bait and Switch (B&S). However if you book a girl of a real profile most chances are that you will indeed get the real girl.


Lastly there are some agencies which are complete scams (i.e. organised thieves, cons, etc). So we don't consider them as a type of agency at all.

Lists of London Agencies by type

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Incall London Agency Girls who advertise as independents

As mentioned Incall agency girls (agency fee commission aside) are actually from every point of view independents. Most do not take bookings independently but there exist some who do and maintain personal websites or have Adultwork profiles. Also some girls retired from agencies and work solely as independents although occasionally they re-list themselves on them. All these current and former type A agency girls who are available as independents are listed here

Feedback about agency girls on agency websites' review sections or on the phone by agency receptionists

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