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In London there are several types of agencies which can be grouped into 3 main categories; for simplicity referred to as type A, type B and type C.

Type A agencies: These are agencies with primarily non-exclusive genuine escorts offering both incalls and outcalls. The pictures used by “type A”agency girls are photoshopped but nonetheless genuine and often accurate. “Type A” agency girls are just advertising on these agencies, getting work from them but most don't exclusively belong to a single agency. Exclusive or not most of these girls live in their own premises (sometimes the premises are provided/facilitated by one of the agencies) and all the agency does is to call them and arrange the meeting on their behalf and getting 1/3 of the paid fee for the first hour as commission. Most of Type A agency girls advertise at least on 10 such agencies. There are very few agencies with exclusive girls and these girls are typically British.

Type B and type C agencies: These are “outcall only” agencies and most of them do have exclusive escorts. “Type B” are the completely legitimate ones with only genuine profiles advertised while “type C” are the “semi-legit” ones. By “semi-legit” we mean those “outcall only” agencies that only have 5-10 genuine escort profiles, but advertise 30 or more different profiles. Obviously these extra 20-25 profiles are fake (nb. they can be easily spotted through GRIS=Google Reverse Image Search) and of course if you request a girl of a fake profile it will result to Bait and Switch (B&S). However if you book a girl of a real profile most chances are that you will indeed get the real girl.

There are also Type D agencies which are complete scams (i.e. organised thieves, cons, etc). So we don't consider them as a type of agency at all.

Lists of London Agencies by type

London Agency Girls Vs Adultwork Girls

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Type A London Agency Girls who advertise as independents

As mentioned Type A agency girls (agency fee commission aside) are actually from every point of view independents. Most do not take bookings independently but there exist some who do and maintain personal websites or have Adultwork profiles. Also some girls retired from agencies and work solely as independents although occasionally they re-list themselves on them. All these current and former type A agency girls who are available as independents are listed here

Feedback about agency girls on agency websites' review sections or on the phone by agency receptionists

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