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Prices vary wildly, but this is a guide to the average prices.


There are probably no other places in the UK where prices vary immensely as in London. From a quicky at a Soho Walk up costing you as little as £20 to "high class" courtesans who think nothing of charging up to £500 (or even more) per hour and getting away with it. Surely there are a lot of factors influencing the price. Region which is the topic here is only one of them (London map with postcodes here). It is also important to mention that only some central London areas have type A agency girls - other areas are primarily covered by Adultwork girls and/or parlours.

Central London

Central London is definitely the most expensive region.

  • W1K, SW1X and SW1W: price for indies: £150ph-£500ph and price for agency girls £300ph-£1000ph.
  • W2, W8, W14, SW1V, SW5: price for indies £100ph-£250ph; agencies: £150-£600ph,
  • NW1: Price for indies: £100ph-£300ph, agencies: £150ph-£300ph
  • N1, WC, EC: Price for indies: £100ph-£180ph

North London

  • All N (except N1), NW (except NW1), EN, HA and WD postcodes : Price for indies: £60-£120ph

West London

  • W3, W5, W6, all TW, all UB: Price for indies: £80ph-£130ph

South London

  • SW3, SW7: price for indies is: £120ph-£300ph; agencies: £150ph-£600ph,
  • SE1: Price for indies: £120ph-£200ph, agencies: £200ph-£300ph

East London

  • E1: price for indies: £80ph-£170ph

East Midlands

Humberside and Hull

Slightly cheaper than its Yorkshire neighbours. Mass unemployment, low rent rates and good transport links have kept prices low.

  • 30 Minutes: £40-£80. Around £50-£60 is average.
  • 1 Hour: £120 or less is the going rate. Many at £100 or less.



Nottingham and Mansfield are the two main punting areas. For some reason there is a large amount of escorts offering outcalls only.

  • 30 Minutes - £50-£70 is the average rate.
  • 1 Hour - £80-£170. Around £100-£130 seems average for an in-call. Some EEs priced at a low £70 an hour. Few are priced at above £150+.
  • Agency: Prices may be driven in part by Felines and VIP agencies who charge £130 to £140 per hour. Few indies thus are above £140.
  • Local outcalls are usually £10 to £20 more than in-call.


Naturally Lincoln is the main punting area. Some action in the south around Skegness and Boston, and some on the outskirts of Grimsby.

  • 30 Minutes - Lots of nice ones to be had at £50 - £60. Very few over £70.
  • 1 Hour - Around £100 - £120 is average.

West Midlands


  • 15 Minute Incall - Around £40 if offered.
  • 30 Minute Incall - £50-£80. The average is around £60-£70.
  • 1 Hour Incall - £80-£120 for EE girls, lowest reported is £70. £120 is top-end for an EE. British girls usually charge £120-£150+,but some can be had for £100.

North East


  • 30 Minutes Incall : £50-£70. Most of the large agencies are £50, a few are a bit more and some indies charge up £70 or £80.
  • 1 hour incall: £100 - £150. Most big agencies are still £100 an hour, some go to £110 or £120. Indies range from £100 to £130 in the main with the odd one going up to £150. Some may be available for £80-£90 but not an established girl with decent reviews.

North West

Half hour bookings tend to be around £60 to £80 and hour bookings range from £100 to £130 with indies. Don't go thinking the more you pay the better the service, that doesn't always work out.

North West parlours average at about £45 for a thirty minute booking to £90 per hour, the bookings generally include a covered 'suck and fuck' service which is expected to be delivered with enthusiasm and skill. Extras are often offered by the girls who appear to set a rate they agree on, one that would not price themselves out or put customers off.

Some examples of standard extras pricing in the North West:
OWO - £10
CIM is generally £10 at some parlours, notably Sandy's Superstars girls ask £20
A-Levels ranges between £20-£40.

In other areas the ladies sometimes charge extra for services such as kissing and reverse oral these extras are rarely at extra cost in the North West and are not seen as a reasonable extra charge from the punters in the area.

South West





Leeds, Harrogate and York seem to be the most expensive areas, but on average they are cheaper than London.


Doncaster benefits punters by having comparatively cheaper prices than most of Yorkshire. A combination of low rent, influx of Thai, Polish and Romanian escorts and low competition keep prices down.

  • 30 Minutes: £60 is about the going rate.
  • 1 Hour: Around £100. Quite a few at £120, but not many above that.

South Yorkshire

Includes Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield.

  • 30 Minutes: £45-£100. The average parlour punt is £45 for basic service. £50-£70 for an indie is the going rate. £100 is the highest I've seen for an indie escort and a rip off.
  • 1 Hour: £80-£150. £120 (or less) is the most common rate. Some pornstars and touring escorts can be £150 or more, but it is rare.

West Yorkshire

Leeds and Wakefield are the two main punting areas.

  • 30 Minutes: £50-£100. The average is around £50-£80 for an independent.
  • 1 Hour: £80-£150. £120-£130 is about the average hourly rate. Many agencies charge £150 (or more) per hour. Harrogate seems to attract high prices with £130+ being the going rate with many around £150.


A lack of parlours, coupled with high rent and York's perceived affluent status have kept rates comparatively high.

  • 30 Minutes: £60-£100, but there are very few at £100 or over. Around £70 seems to be the average rate.
  • 1 Hour: £80-£150. Around £120 is average. £150 is mainly agency rates and not indies.




Northern Ireland

The rates in Ireland tend to be quite high compared to England and Wales; this could be due to the countries religious history, the fact it is "overseas" or lower population.

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