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British girls in London

General Observations about British escorts

Many punters seek to find good British birds. The truth is that our birds can be decent but they are no better in any way than girls of other nationalities except from the fact that English is their native language. Below are some general observations about British girls:

  1. Facially a British prossie is a 6-8 (hard to find an 8.5 or higher). Typically their dress size is at best 10-12 (it is rare to find size 6 or 8). Also size 18+ whales are typically British…
  2. They severely lie about their age. Once they pass the age of 27-28 time stops, a time machine is acquired and a journey back in time begins. Although other nationalities do lie about their age too the EE prostitute population is not aged – most EE WGs are <35 y.o lying 5 years at most. It is the British prossies that are permanent residents here and come in all ages and have the audacity to even shove off decades.
  3. Overpriced. Mingers are charging £120ph and the physically good ones i.e. with slim body and face score >8 are typically in the £200+ range. It is relevant to note here that many British WGs are just outcall part-timers and most of them like to do Reverse Bookings (RB). These part-timers cleverly set a relatively high price on their profiles like £180ph so that they can bid for £120ph and you to get the false impression that you got a good deal. Problem with this is that we are still talking about overpriced mingers.
  4. Their profiles often have shit pictures (e.g. blurred, oblique body shots that just a pair of legs) and rarely show face pictures.
  5. Most are full of rules and make you jump through hoops. Some do not display a phone number and you need to book via AW in order to screen you. Also difficult to book same day. They like to ‘tour’ across the country or city and as this means working from hotels or from day-rented incall locations on pre-selected dates they take bookings well in advance after plastering their availability dates all over their profiles.
  6. Those who take same day bookings showing phone number are very disorganised and are very unreliable in their bookings – they have the highest probability to be double booked, fuck you about and waste your time.
  7. Due to English being their native language they are those most likely to give you malicious revenge negative feedback when reviewed negatively (even going to SAAFE to post your details as dangerous etc). They are also the ones who will at some point come to UKP to rebut their non-positive reviews with lies, tout on their positives or even post fake positive reviews about themselves.
  8. They have a significantly higher probability of being illegal drug dependant (cocaine, heroin) than prossies of other nationalities.
  9. Many are up their own arses. They are lazy and experts in time wasting tactics during bookings preferring to chat than fuck.
  10. For incalls they almost never give you their approximate location (postcode or street name) – instead they give you a broad point (e.g. a tube station) from which you have to call to get shit directions a few minutes before the arranged meeting. Only exception is *sometimes* when they are working from hotels.
  11. Many British escort profiles belong to webcammers who have no intention of escorting.
  12. Ironically some of the above observations are not applicable when it comes to the majority of British pornstar escorts (excluding webcammers). It is the ‘common’ British prossies that are the problem.
  13. Some people on UKP state they that cannot find British girls when British prossies are criticised. They should get their facts straight. They cannot find British girls THAT THEY LIKE. There are TONS of British prossies and they do find their profiles BUT they dismiss them because they find their rules, looks, size, pictures, prices, availability etc. to be ridiculous and shit.
  14. Probability wise you have the same chance to find the English prossie with the specifications you want as the one you have to find a good Romanian.
  15. It is worth noting, the majority of prostitutes on the blacklist are of British nationality; there is one Polish and one Latvian. And whilst Romanian prostitutes are said to offer bad service or use a pimp, it is quite rare that they are classic "Take the money and run" thieves.

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